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Webinar Series: Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell (16th-23rd June 2020): Register Now

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Zia Judicials

About the Zia Judicials

Zia Judicials was founded due to the sub-standards of education provided by the existing institutes at very high prices. Zia Judicials is located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and is the fastest-growing judicial institute among Judicial Services Coaching Institute in India.

Zia Judicials was started with the aim to provide Judicial coaching to those who cannot afford to enroll in expensive institutions. Money can’t buy education and hence the money cannot be the reason for hindrance to education. Merely giving judicial coaching does not serve the real purpose behind the idea of Zia Judicials.

About the Webinar

Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell is organising a webinar series. The series will be as follows:

  • 16th June 2020: Joint Hindu Family Property and Distribution
  • 17th June 2020: Division of Property in Muslims
  • 18th June 2020: Concept of Relevancy and Admissibility
  • 19th June 2020: Concept of Res Judicata in CPC
  • 20th June 2020: Understanding Bail Provisions through CrPC
  • 21st June 2020: General Exceptions of IPC (Part 1)
  • 22nd June 2020: General Exceptions of IPC (Part 2)
  • 23rd June 2020: Understanding Arbitration Law

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The speaker for the webinar series will be Mr. Zia-Ul Mustafa Ansari.

How to Register?

Registration Fee:

  1. Per Lecture (without certificate): Rs. 100/-
  2. Full Series (without certificate): Rs. 500/-
  3. Full Series (with certificate): Rs. 600/-

To register, click here.

Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Note: The organisation will be providing you the zoom meeting details one day prior to the webinar.

Contact Information

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Phone Numbers: +91 – 81303 74873, 80058 21541, 95400 94873, 011-42148003

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