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LedX Debate Competition: Register by Oct 13! (Extended)

by Ajshal

About LedX

Every existential battle of human kind is followed by revolutions and revelations, the year 2020 marked a battle that was fought without arms and ammunitions but with lockdown and isolation. During this battle of survival, it was the tool of technology that became the foundation of revolution, when the battle sough to isolate us from the world, technology revealed itself to be the cornerstone of a new age human interaction. Even as we recover from the strain of this global pandemic, it is apparent that further ahead the world will be seen as pre-covid and post-covid.

Knowledge, Education & Employment, the key ingredient that make man a “social” animal, that sustain the social, economical and political ecosystem around us. The field of education has been faced with the daunting task of sustaining itself during the past year, technology proved itself to be an elixir for the field of Education. The world witnessed evolution of how the future generations will see education ahead.

As David Warlick rightly said “We need technology in every classroom and in every students and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and is the lens through which we experience much of our world”


It is with this foresight and vision that the concept of LedX has been brought into existence, with an experience of more than two decades in legal education, the founding members of this legal education venture witnessed an opportunity in the garb of an adversity, providing the pathway to pave a stronger interface between the legal education and the legal profession by facilitating education by experts of the legal fraternity.

This platform is an output of research and consultation conducted by Think-Tanks and pioneers of legal education aiming to impart legal education in every nook and corner of the country, regardless of geography, Institutional affiliations or professional obligations; an opportunity to become certified experts in the disciple of law, trained by experts of the legal fraternity and enhancing your educational and professional qualifications.

About LedX Debate Competition

LedX Debate Competition is being organized to engage the debating community and provide them with an opportunity to deploy rational, reasoned, and compelling arguments and engage in academic debate. The competition will enable students to elucidate their standpoint through rhetorical eloquence. It instills in debaters a great sense of poise and confidence. It teaches them the skills of researching, organizing, and compellingly presenting the information.


Debate Motion

“Minimum education qualification should be made mandatory to contest elections in India”



Candidates need to be enrolled in a graduate/post-graduate professional program or in school (11th to 12th standard) to be eligible for participation.


  • The debate shall be conducted virtually; the technology platform will be informed via mail after the registration process.
  • The format of the debate is the conventional 1-1 debate; participants will either argue for the motion or against it.
  • Each participant will be given 3+1 minutes to speak. There will be a warning bell after 3 minutes, which will signify that you must start concluding. After 4 minutes, there will be a final bell that will be the time to stop.
  • Exceeding the time limit will lead to the deduction of marks.
  • Participants can choose the medium for the debate as English or Hindi. Switching the chosen language is strictly prohibited.

Registration Details

  • Participants need to submit the online registration form and the registration fees of Rs 299/individual through the prescribed mode. The confirmation for the same needs to be retained.
  • Participants are requested to register for the debate through the link.

Special Mention: Most Popular OP-Speaker

The interested registered participants can send a video of their debate argument for a minute. The video will be posted on our Instagram account and the one to get the most number of likes and comments will be awarded Rs.5,100/- for the most popular Debater. The deadline for the same will be 10th October. 2021, the result for the same will be announced during the prize distribution ceremony.

Certificates and Awards

  • The top 3 winners from both For and Against will receive a cash prize of Rs 5100, Rs 3100, and Rs 2100 each respectively, along with the merit certificates.
  • The top 5 participants will be awarded the consolation cash prize of Rs 500 and merit certificates. All the participants will be provided with an E- Certificate of participation.
  • E-Certificates shall be sent to the winners and participants on their registered participation email ids.
  • Special mention cash prize of Rs.5,100.

Rules & Regulations

  • The Competition shall be held on  17th October  2021, from 10:00 am onwards at Airmeet.
  • The Speakers shall not disclose their identities and shall only represent themselves by the Participant Codes allotted to them. Participant Codes shall be provided to each participant after a successful registration.
  • The competition shall consist of 2 rounds i.e. Preliminary & Final.
  • The registration form ought to reach the organizers on or before the due dates as mentioned above, beyond which no registration shall be allowed.
  • This competition is open for the present bonafide students studying in any recognized School, College, or  University.
  • The participants shall report at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time.
  • The participants shall dress in formals only.
  • Each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 3 + 1 minutes for each round.
  • The language for the debate competition shall be English or Hindi. Hence, the participants can use either language but must stick to one language and not switch between them.
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.
  • Use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.
  • Participants are allowed to use any source of information during the preparatory period of time. No book, document, or electronic gadget shall be allowed to the participant during the competition.
  • One participant shall speak in favor of the motion and another will speak against the motion.
  • Refund of registration fees & prize money for the team will be paid only in the account of the person whose account number is mentioned in the registration form.
  • Disclaimer: The decision of the Judges and the organizing Committee on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding.

Contact Information 

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