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[Letter to the Editor] The Pandemic and The Fake News

by Paikar Mustafa
[ Letter to the Editor] Police Complicity And Biased Investigation

The pandemic has forced us into what could be the worst of times for the humanity. To add fuel to the fire, fake news is wreaking havoc in the lives of the people by infiltrating their social media feeds.

This spread has caused a parallel pandemic. Fake news and social media seem to have wedded for eternity, with no oversight or vigilance that could divorce this union. The anonymity that internet technology provides makes it easy to upload news without checking for authenticity or accuracy and forward covert agendas.

The magnitude of the spread can be assessed by the fact that central and state governments themselves have had to clarify upon information that was being wrongly perceived as the truth, and causing damage. The period of lockdown and now the unlock phase have witnessed the zenith of rumour propagation. People who generate them keep their consumers in the dark about the actual agendas hiding behind the veil of fake news.

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– Paikar Mustafa

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