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Interview with Senior Advocate Mr. Prashant Bhushan by Argute Talks in Association with Kanooniyat

by Argute
Interview Prashant Bhushan Arugte and Kanooniyat

Interview Session

Catch the Intriguing Conversation with Senior Advocate Mr. Prashant Bhushan on the topic ‘Understanding the Colossal and Damaging Reshaping of India’s Democracy by the Current Regime and How India’s “Tryst with Destiny” is Turning Sour?’ The interview took place on 08th August 2020 in collaboration with Kanooniyat.

Watch a small segment from the entire interview with Senior Adv. Prashant Bhushan:

Watch the full interview Senior Adv. Prashant Bhushan here:

Here are the Time Stamps:

0:221:44 Introduction

1:552:22 Views Upon Demonetization

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4:575:09 Speaking on deflections, the government has often been accused of diverting the public attention and the public eye to rather polarising issues, what is your take on it, sir?

7:177:41 Views about the Attacks by the government on the independence of fact-finding institutions and other autonomous institutions

10:2610:55 Discrepancies in the Rafale deal

14:5715:37 Do you think our Courts have properly entertained the respective pleas against the revocation of Article 370? And was heavy deployment of security forces and the state going into complete lockdown the correct decision?

19:1019:29 What is your take on how the Courts have entertained pleas against the CitizenshipAmendmentt Act?


22:5423:15 After the controversy, we’ve seen that the government is on a back foot about NRC. Even though the courts did not entertain the pleas against CAA, but we’ve seen that the government is on a back foot, it’s taken a U-turn about the implementation of NRC?

23:5624:33 why do you think that the AAP which initially was a party against corruption deviated from its core ideology and its principles?

25:5026:13 Sir, we would like to know, what inspires you to be a human rights lawyer and what makes you keep going despite all the threats which are made against you?

33:4934:03 Views about India’s Contempt Law

36:3936:58 In your opinion, do you think there is an attack on civilized discourse ever since this government came to power and there was this huge debate, is India becoming intolerant or has it already become more intolerant?

38:5239:01 If you have to define what is the modern warfare in a democracy, how will you then describe such modern warfare used by the state?

40:0740:13 What’s your take on the collegium system in the Supreme Court and does it need overhauling?

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