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Revocation of the Power of Attorney

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Revocation of the Power of Attorney

Revocation of the Power of Attorney

Is it compulsory to register the Revocation Deed?

If the earlier deed of Power of Attorney was registered, then it is compulsory to register even the deed of Revocation in the same Sub-Registrar office, in order to avoid any future disputes.

If the earlier deed was not registered, then there is no need to register the revocation Deed as well.

What if the Attorney continues to use his power after receiving notice of Revocation?

Once the Attorney is given the notice of cancellation of the deed which granted him powers to do certain acts on behalf f the Principal, he is no more entitled to use those powers. Inspite of that if he does any act on behalf of the Principal, then the Principal can take legal action on him. Also the Principal will not be bound by his such acts done after receiving notice of revocation of the Power of Attorney.

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  • I have given a Power of Attorney to my cousin since I was hospitalised for a long period. It was not registered. Now I have regained my health and wish to cancel the power given. Since it is not registered, how can I cancel it? Is it enough if I call up my cousin and tell him orally?

Since you have not registered your Power of Attorney, you can send a written notice on a plain paper or email to your cousin stating the cancellation of the power given to him with effect from the date of notice. And please do it fast, since if he has any wrong motives to commit some fraud, you may also become bound by it. Let him not know your intention until he receives the notice. Please don’t let it out before that.

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