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Member of Parliament writes a letter to Allahabad HC highlighting Ban On ‘Azaan’ In Ghazipur District, U.P.

by Shreya
Azaan in Mosque

Afzal Ansari, Member of Parliament, Ghazipur District UP has written a letter to the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court highlighting the prohibitory order of District Magistrate of banning ‘Azaan’ or ‘call for prayer’.

He added that prayers and gathering in Mosques or any other religious places continue to be prohibited but “Azaan was/is allowed in every mosque throughout the state of U.P. and other parts of the country though everyone is following the Corona virus lockdown diligently.

The letter highlighted the PIL of April 24 putting forth that the “Azaan” from mosques is prohibited by local Administration and police and that if anyone “dared to make Azaan”, they would be booked under National Security Act“.

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The letter stated when the people asked for a written order from authorities in this regard, they were told that the District Magistrate and Superintendent of police had given this order.

“The people of my constituency contacted me and wanted my help against this draconian action. I have tried to contact several authorities including District Magistrate and Superintendent of police. There is no response. Everyone is talking about some oral order but its source and authority is not disclosed. No written order for banning “Azaan” is being shown”

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The letter read,

“As a democratically elected representative of the people of Ghazipur, it is my duty to hear the grievances of my electorate. I am addressing the present letter on behalf of my electorate for enforcement of their Fundamental Right emanating from Article 14, 21, 25 of the Constitution of India”

The letter prayed for directions from the court to allow Azaan by only one person, i.e. the “Moazzin” from the respective mosques within the district, the petitioner avers that doing so would protect Fundamental Rights of people of Ghazipur.


Read the letter here:

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