by Kulwant Singh Meena
Kamala Harris article by Kulwant Singh Meena

Kamala Harris: There are many things that this name represents- senator, potential vice president, lawyer, activist, reformist, libertarian, a name for the black women to look up to and a lot more. Still, the phrase that most precisely captures her philosophy comes from her own words- Kamala Harris: For The People.

Her track record of high rates of conviction as District Attorney of San Francisco and high financial recoveries as Attorney General of California are a testament to her tenacity, persuasiveness and commitment to duty. Thus, it would not be wrong for the Americans to see in Kamala, the image of a crusader who is more than capable of delivering her promises if given the opportunity to do so.

Many Firsts To Kamala Harris’ Name

Her record is pretty impressive, she was the first black woman to be California’s district attorney, first woman to be California’s attorney general, first American senator of Indian descent, the first black or Asian American to be the VP nominee for a major party ticket and if the mandate favors her this November, then a few more firsts will get added to this list. 

USA-India Future

Kamala Harris, having an Indian ancestry, is sympathetic to the cause of Indians in the US, thus it is not wrong to believe that she would reform the H1-B visa policy so that people from India find it smoother to get employed there and exploit their full potential. In this way employers in America will have ease in getting talented Indians at their workplace who are known worldwide for their brains, skills, knowledge, work ethics and commitment.

Another aspect where support of America will be more than handy is the border skirmish that India continues to face with China. Joe Biden has reportedly said that, if elected president, he would support India against Chinese aggression and on other border issues as well.

We can also expect a more open bilateral trade that would boost both economies with mutual reciprocity. Biden has offered to work with us on a multitude of issues ranging from India’s defense capabilities, COVID-19 response and hate crimes against Indian-Americans, and this is a clear indication that he is keen to bolster ties with India.

Kamala Harris, being elected as the vice president of the US would be a shot in the arm for the Indo-American community there as she will be looked at as a source of inspiration and a representative of these people. Inspired by her they would seek greater participation in the political and democratic process of America and will be rest assured that any policies being framed around them will be in keeping with their viewpoints.

What stand will Kamala Harris take on the Kashmir issue if elected Vice president is a grey area and only time will tell whether the US government would meddle in the Kashmir problem. Furthermore, there are also uncertainties on whether a US intervention actually alleviates the plight of Kashmir.

Challenges For Trump

For a President whose campaign was rhetoric about building a wall and making Mexico pay for it (which they didn’t) and who made immigration policies more regressive and whose administration is tainted with blots of racism, it does not help that the Black Lives Matter campaign – which gained momentum because of the police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people – is in full flow in 2020 when he is campaigning for being re-elected. In the political arena, the projection of a candidate among the masses is a major factor during elections and his image is certainly not that of a President that advocates multiculturalism.

What aggravates the problem for Trump is that both Biden and Harris stand for multiculturalism, something that is in short supply right now. Biden and Harris might manage to fill this void.

The Biden-Harris pair has continually attacked the Trump administration for its failure to contain the COVID pandemic, which also had an indirect impact on the economy. America, despite being a highly developed nation, holds the record of highest number of deaths. This only lays bare the negligent and irresponsible behavior of the Trump Administration. The soaring unemployment rates further worsen the matter for the incumbent president. 

Heroes Have Flaws Too

 As a person who has been in public office for so many years, she has had her share of controversies that her detractors very enthusiastically point out. But, it is to be noted that all heroes have their flaws and Americans possess the judgement to choose the better alternative. Hence, I won’t be surprised if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris script history in the November 3rd election. Instead, I will be a proud Indian.

This article has been written by Kulwant Singh Meena (SLBS Engineering College, Jodhpur)

Views expressed are personal

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