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Courts Should Not preach on Personal Ideas Of Morality or human behaviour: Punjab & Haryana HC in a protection plea

by Shreya
Punjab and haryana high court

The Punjab and Haryana High Court remarked that a court hearing a Protection Petition filed by runaway couples need not preach on morality or human behavior.

A bench of Justice Rajiv Narayan Raina made it clear that in such cases, the court should not present its personal views regarding morality, and must ensure that the couple’s rights under Article 21 are protected.

Justice Rajiv Narayan Raina
Justice Rajiv Narayan Raina

“It is not for this Court in a protection petition to engage itself in social mores, norms and human behaviour or introduce personal ideas on morality.”

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The court was hearing a petition filed by a runaway couple apprehending arrest by the Police and fearing bodily harm and injury by other private respondents.

The Government counsel contended that the girl was a minor and thus, an FIR had been filed in this regard.

To this matter of protection plea indulgin morality, the court stated that “although there is a dispute regarding the age of the girl, yet the prayer is based on Article 21 of the Constitution of India, and therefore, deserves the immediate attention of the Police Department to ensure that the petitioners are not unduly harassed by anyone including the private respondents.”

Stating that the courts should refrain from presenting its personal views in such cases the court went on to state even if the girl was presumed to be a minor, her marriage is permitted under the Hindu Personal laws.

“Even if it is assumed that the girl is minor, it must be remembered that in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956 marriage of a minor girl is not void but voidable on reaching the marriageable age,” the bench iterated highlighting morality .

Accordingly, the court directed the Senior Superintendent of Police, Amritsar to personally look into the matter and offer help, which is consistent with the Petitioner’s safety.

“For this, the petitioners would contact the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police, Amritsar give their contact numbers, who will take up the matter immediately and take such action as is warranted by law so that no harm comes to the petitioners and they be not arrested in the FIR registered in this regard,” the bench directed in view of the guiding principles issued by the Supreme Court in Lata Singh v. State of UP & Anr., 2006 (3) RCR (Criminal) 870.

However,  the court’s observation herein shows that a couple does not lose their rights to protect life and liberty only for the reason of marrying at minor age.

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