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Taking Photos/Videos In Flight Permissible, Clarifies DGCA after Media Crew Ruckus Inside Kangana Ranaut’s Flight

by Shreya
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The Director-General of Civil Aviation has stated that the permission for a bona fide passenger to take pictures inside an aircraft does not include “use of any recording equipment which imperils or compromises flight safety; violates prevalant norms; creates chaos or disruption during operation of the flight or expressly prohibited by the crew” in the wake of the incident of media crew creating ruckus inside a flight in which actor Kangana Ranaut was traveling.

The incident related to Kangana Ranaut took place in the Chandigarh- Mumbai Indigo flight on September 9. It became viral in social media where Videos of media personnel hounding the actor with video recording equipment was disregarding the instructions of the crew.

The aviation regulator stated this on Sunday by a circular to clarify the confusion created by an order passed on September 12.

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It stated no person can take a photograph inside an aerodrome or aircraft except with the prior written permission of the authorities of the Civil Aviation Department.

This blanket prohibition mentioned in  order was seemingly in variance with a circular issued in 2004, as per which bona fide passengers were permitted to take photographs while in flight and while landing, take-off and on ground at civil aerodromes. The aviation regulator added that action may be initiated against those found in violation of the above guidelines.

“It has been decided that from now on, in case any violation (photography) occurs on any scheduled passenger aircraft – the schedule of flight for that particular route shall be suspended for a period of two weeks from the next day (of the incident),” the DGCA order said.

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