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Delhi High Court Puts an End to Ashok Arora’s Suit Against SCBA

by Shreya
president dushyant dave resigns
The Delhi High Court has put an end to Ashok Arora’s suit against Supreme Court Bar Association in connection with his removal as its Secretary stating that divided Bar weakens the bench of court.

Justice Rajiv Shakdher responded to the matter by saying,

“If the Bar is divided, it affects the Bench equally. You need to understand it. We get out strength from the Bar.”

Pursuant to Justice Shakdher’s intervention, SCBA agreed that it would not “take forward”, the minutes of the May 8 Executive Committee Meeting wherein it was decided to suspend Arora from the post of Secretary, SCBA.

Ashok Arora said that he would not participate in the proceedings of the Executive Committee, SCBA as his term was ending.

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SCBA and Arora were told by the court to not press their respective stand on issue of suspension. Ashok Arora was ordered to withdraw all legal proceedings initiated by him in connection with his ouster.

Arora asserted that he was fighting for dignity and not the post but in return Dushyant Dave clarified that SCBA had “nothing against” Ashok Arora and stated that “We want to resolve it”.

The Executive Council of the Association had suspended Arora from the post of Secretary with immediate effect following Arora’s request for an Emergent General Meeting to remove Dave from the post of SCBA President.

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