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Juvenile Justice Act in Consonance with SC’s Directions in Sampurna Behura v. Union of India & Ors not Implemented in True Sense: NGO Moves Madras HC

by Shreya
Madras High court for election
Considering the need of monitoring the implementation of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 keeping in view the Supreme Court’s 2018 directions in Sampurna Behura v. Union of India & Ors, NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolanhas moved the Madras High Court.

The NGO has raised concerns that the provisions of the Juveline Justice Act has not been implemented  in their true sense, with child shelter homes, remand and observations homes falling short of the standards set by the Act and its rules.

The petitioner has also raised concern on pendency of matters in Juvenile Justice Boards and Child Welfare Committees across Tamil Nadu.

The NGO in this matter has prayed for the following relief from the Court:

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  1. create an online monitoring system pertaining to the tracking and rehabilitation of Children in Conflict with law as well as Children in Need of Care and Protection It would be mandatory to upload Individual Care Plan, Social Investigation Report, Rehabilitation Card etc.
  1. .formulate and After-Care and Sponsorship guideline(s) for the children who are leaving institutional support.
  2. provide information about prcoedures and practices adopted for regular inspections of Child Care Institutions.
  3. have a High-Level Committee to monitor the rehabilitation of children.
    appoint a Rehabilitation-Cum-Placement Officer in every Child Care Institution for the purpose of rehabilitation of children.
  4. The State authorities should act to immediately reunite the children who are staying in Child Care Institutions, with their family, pending the disposal of this Writ Petition.
  5. Institute a Special Investigation Team to investigate child sexual assaults and provide counseling and compensation to the victims.

The NGO in matter of implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act further requests for drafting of Standard Operating Procedures to define the role of stakeholders; define the formulation of rules prescribing personal liability against public servants for dereliction of duties entrusted under the Child Protection Laws; cull out a cadre of child welfare police officers that are only transferred within the cadre and direct the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to conduct an Annual Social Audit of all the Child Care Institution in the State.

The matter is expected to come up next on January 20.

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