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Two Consenting Adults Free to Live Together in Live In Relationships: Allahabad HC

by Shreya
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Live in relationships, though not socially accepted in India, do not amount to any offence under law, the Allahabad High Court recently ruled reaffirming that two consenting adults are at liberty to live together and no person would be permitted to interfere in their peaceful living.

The order was passed by a Bench of Justices Anjani Kumar Mishra and Prakash Padia in a petition filed by a couple in a live in relationship who had sought directions to ensure that the family members of the woman do not harass them in any manner.

The High Court held that the Supreme Court has settled the law that where a boy and a girl are major and are living together in Live in relationships of their free will, then, nobody including their parents, has the authority to interfere with the same.

“Live-­in relationship is a relationship which has not been socially accepted in India, unlike many other countries. In the case of Lata Singh vs. State of UP [(2006) 2 SCC (Cri) 478], it was observed that a live­-in relationship between two consenting adults of heterosexual sex does not amount to any offence even though it may be perceived as immoral,” the Court observed.

Case Background

The petitioner no. 1, Kamini Devi had submitted that her family was forcibly trying to solemnize her marriage with older men against her wishes.

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The Court was further told that when the woman came to know of such a situation, she had no option except to live away in her personal interest and she decided she to live with petitioner no. 2, Ajay Kumar on her own free will and without fear and pressure.

The Aadhaar cards of the petitioners in live in relationship revealed that they were 24 and 28 years old respectively.

It was submitted that the petitioners live in relationship were living with each other happily for the last six months happily but the respondent family was not happy with them and tried to harass them.

It is settled law that where a boy and a girl are major and are living with their free will, then, nobody including their parents, has authority to interfere.

The court in its judgment noted that as per the records, the petitioners had filed a complaint addressed to the Superintendent of Police, Jahanganj, District Farrukhabad on March 17, 2020 requesting that necessary protection be provided to them but no action was taken on the complaint till date.


In light of the same, the High Court ordered that police protection be provided to the petitioners in live in relationship if they request for the same.

“In case any disturbance is caused in the peaceful living of the petitioners, the petitioners shall approach the Senior Superintendent of Police, Farrukhabad i.e. the second respondent, with self attested computer generated copy of this order downloaded from the official website of High Court Allahabad, who shall provide immediate protection to the petitioners,” the order said.

The Court also clarified that the respondent family members are at liberty to file application for recall of the order if the documents brought on the record by the petitioners are fabricated or forged.

Recently, the Allahabad High Court had ruled that right to live with a person of choice, irrespective of religion, is intrinsic to right to life and personal liberty.

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