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Vijay Mallya’s Review Petition In Bank Loan Contempt Case Dismissed by Supreme Court

by Preeti Dhoundiyal
Vijay Mallya

Today, the review petition filed by Vijay Mallya was dismissed by the Supreme Court in the bank loan default case filed against him as a contempt case by a consortium of banks led by State Bank of India. (Vijay Mallya v. State Bank of India & Ors)

On August 27, Justices UU Lalit and Ashok Bhushan had reserved its verdict in the review petition.

Justice UU Lalit
Justice UU Lalit
Justice Ashok Bhushan
Justice Ashok Bhushan

Vijay Mallya had filed the review petition and the same for hearing was taken by the court on August 27, and as a conclusion had reserved its decision.

Since a crucial reply filed by Mallya could not be located in the case records with the Court, the matter had to be adjourned previously.

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Background of the Vijay Mallya Bank Loan Contempt Case

Mallya involving the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, has been booked in a bank loan default case of over Rs 9,000 crore.

By a consortium of banks, the plea was filed in the Supreme Court.

Brief Mapping of the events in the Vijay Mallya Case

Directions on May 9, 2017 were given by the Supreme Court to the liquor baron after finding him guilty of contempt of court in a bank loan default case to appear before it on July 10.

Mallya had filed a review petition, soon after this order, in the Supreme Court.


In “flagrant violation” of the the Karnataka High Court Orders, the banks had alleged that Mallya concealed facts and diverted the money to his son Siddharth Mallya and daughters Leanna and Tanya Mallya.

Court’s Notings

An explanation from its own Registry on June 19 was sought by the Court to enquire as to why Mallya’s response was not listed for the last three years.

In the last hearing, the Bench of Justices Lalit and Bhushan had noted that the review was filed within the period of limitation, but was still not listed for three years.

Supreme Court Registry has been called to give an explanation as to why the case was not listed during this time and seek the names of the officers involved in the event.

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