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Payal Ghosh Confirms Amicable Settlement in Richa Chadha Defamation Suit, Tenders Unconditional Apology

by Shreya
Richa Chadha defamation suit against Payal Ghosh

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday accepted the undertaking submitted by actor Payal Ghosh tendering unconditional apology to actor Richa Chadha defamation suit against Payal Ghosh, Kamal R Khan and news channel ABN Telugu for dragging her name into Ghosh’s allegations against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

As a result of the same, Richa Chadha defamation suit against Ghosh had sought damages to the tune of Rupees 1.1 crore has ended but it continues against the other two parties.

Ms. Ghosh wrote on Twitter, “Our consent term with certain conditions has been finalised, filed & accepted by Hon’ble High Court as an amicable settlement. No one wins no one lost. It’s a case of win-win.”

At the outset, Advocate Saveena Bedi Sachar appearing on behalf of Richa Chadha in Richa Chadha Defamation suit . Advocate Nitin Satpute for Payal Ghosh informed Justice AK Menon that consent terms have been finalised and Ghosh withdraws the statement she has made against the plaintiff and tenders unconditional apology.

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During the last hearing of the court in Richa Chadha Defamation suit, Ghosh’s lawyer told the justice, “After the last hearing, Ms. Chadha made certain statements to the media saying she has won the case. That resulted in Ms. Ghosh being trolled on social media. But she would like to settle the matter.” To this, the court had asked both the involved parties to talk to each other for best instead of “others” and to file the consent terms as soon as possible.

The undertaking states-

“The Defendant no.1 hereby withdraws her statements and defamatory posts pertaining to the plaintiff as mentioned vide the current interim application and suit, including without limitation her statements and defamatory posts vide the interview to the plaint and unconditionally apologises to the plaintiff.

Defendant No.1 undertakes to delete all her above statements and defamatory posts against the plaintiff on Twitter and other media where the Defendant No.1 has published the same and further also undertakes not to state, make, publish and/or republish any defamatory, insulting, humiliating statements against the plaintiff at any time in perpetuity, related to the subject matter of the present interim application in any manner and/or for any purpose.”

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