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En-Roads Climate Ambassador Program by Climate Interactive (Free & Open): Apply Now

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Ambassador Program

About the Program

The En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Program is a unique leadership opportunity intended for highly-motivated facilitators of the En-ROADS Climate Workshop and Climate Action Simulation game. Although anyone is welcome to run these events, our Ambassadors are a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering our tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe.

Joining the En-ROADS Climate Ambassador program is free, and applications are open to any member of the public who has completed the En-ROADS Training Plan.

Objective of this Program

En-Roads Climate Ambassador Program


This is a way to support the CI’s most dedicated En-ROADS facilitators. Their team works closely with their Ambassadors to grow the network, run international events, and deliver crucial insights to decision-makers using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator. The objective is to inspire meaningful climate action in legislative halls, board rooms, communities, classrooms, and beyond.

Why be an Ambassador

  • Provides you with a opportunity to become a climate leader and lead engaging events in the your field.
  • CI supports their Ambassadors by leading interactive webinar sessions, creating supplementary materials, and promoting Ambassadors on our website and social media.
  • Certified as an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador is a good credential for the profile, makes you stand out as a Climate Leader.
  • Becoming an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador gives a chance to collaborate with CI’s network, expand the event audiences, and gain valuable leadership experience.

How to Become an Ambassador

  • Watch the 8-part ‘Mastering En-Roads’ webinar series.
  • Review the materials provided in the training plan.
  • Learning from others by watching others lead events.
  • All En-ROADS Ambassadors need to run and register at least two events before applying.
  • Use the En-ROADS practice test to assess your knowledge on key principles relevant to the model and event facilitation.
  • The application checklist will make sure that you have completed everything needed to apply.

How to Apply?


Official Notification: CLICK HERE

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