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Current Affairs Quiz Today – 17th March 2021

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current affairs quiz today
Current affairs quiz today – 17th March 2021.
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#1. Mullaperiyar Dam dispute is between which of the following states?

1. Kerala

2. Andhra Pradesh

3. Karnataka

4. Tamil Nadu

Choose the correct option:

ANS: (D) 1 and 4 only


  • The Mullaperiyar Dam is a masonry gravity dam on the Periyar River in the Indian state of Kerala.
  • The dam is located in Kerala on the river Periyar, but is operated and maintained by Tamil Nadu state.
  • The dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu states is because of the control and safety of the dam and the validity and fairness of the lease agreement. The dispute began in 1998 when Tamil Nadu wanted to raise the height of the water level and Kerala opposed it.
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#3. The World Energy Transitions Outlook is brought out by:

ANS: (B) International Renewable Energy Agency


#4. Consider the following statements:

1. The Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a Central Sector Scheme.

2. The nominated members of Rajya Sabha are not entitled to use funds from the MPLAD scheme.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

ANS: (A) 1 only

  • The Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a Central Sector Scheme which was announced in December 1993. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
    • Initially, it came under the control of the Ministry of Rural Development. Later, in October 1994, it was transferred to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.
  • Functioning:
    • Each year, MPs receive Rs. 5 crore in two instalments of Rs. 2.5 crore each. Funds under MPLADS are non-lapsable.
    • Lok Sabha MPs have to recommend the district authorities projects in their Lok Sabha constituencies, while Rajya Sabha MPs have to spend it in the state that has elected them to the House.
    • Nominated Members of both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha can recommend works anywhere in the country. Hence, statement 2 is not correct.

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