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Online Certificate Course on Arbitration and Conciliation by Path Lexis & Legal Fumes: Register by 20th July 2020

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About Arbitration and Conciliation Course by Path Lexis & Legal Fumes

About Path Lexis 

Path Lexis is a youth organisation specializing in organizing moot courts, debates, seminars and other legal competitions for a much better learning experience than what is offered to the law students. Driven by a sense of excellence and talent in the young minds, a variety of mediums are provided to help students achieve perfectionism in every domain of the legal field.

The vision at Path Lexis is based around equality of opportunity in the field of law. By creating a community of law students, all students are delivered an equal shot at growing and learning. Every person is a manifestation of their past experiences, upbringing and the socio-economic backgrounds and Path Lexis transcends such barriers.

About Legal Fumes

Legal Fumes is a team of budding lawyers that created this platform to gather legal luminaries all around the country under one roof to discuss and analyse the happenings of the world. Through this platform, we strive to provide information to all in the simplest form of language.

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Legal Fumes is focused on bringing upon the opportunities close to students and the legal academicians. Legal Fumes is one such platform which saw huge growth in a short span of time and is inclined towards the benefits of the students and the legal Academicians.

Certificate Course

About the Course:

  • Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts, the parties to a dispute refer it to Arbitration by one or more persons (the arbitrators arbiters or arbitral Tribunal ), and agrees to bound by the arbitration decision (the award). A third party reviews the evidences in the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts. In fact Arbitration is a process in which disputants can resolve dispute amicably. This method can bring solutions disputes as well as among disputants.
  • The objective of this course is to make familiarize the participants with legal framework of arbitration, arbitration procedures, and arbitration practice. It is also designed to cover practical aspects covering case analysis and mock arbitral proceedings

Eligibility :

a. Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent Degree in any discipline from any recognized University.

b. Candidates who complete three years of their 5-year integrated LLB Degree programme in Law are also eligible to apply.

Admission Procedure

Direct Admission subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria for the said course.

Course Duration

The duration of the certificate course is one month.



  • Learn from experience Speaker.
  • Learn to draft important legal document. Study Materials will be provided.
  • Chance to enhance your CV.
  • Video  lecture will  be    provided on    each modules of the course.

Course Structure

Modules I:

Arbitration Agreement

Dispute settlement mechanisms – arbitration as a dispute settlement mechanism – definition of arbitration – types of arbitration – their advantages and disadvantages – international commercial arbitration defined under Indian law Role of courts in arbitration Arbitration agreement – definition -form of the arbitration agreement – positive and negative effects of arbitration agreement – separability of arbitration agreement

Module II:

Composition of Arbitral Tribunal Number of arbitrators and appointment of arbitrators – grounds for challenge and challenge procedure – failure to act -termination of mandate and substitution of arbitrator – jurisdiction of arbitrator tribunals – the doctrine of competence – competence Interim measures ordered by arbitral tribunal – enforcement

Module III:

Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings Equal treatment of the parties and determining the rules of procedures – seat of arbitration – commencement of proceedings and language – pleadings – hearings, default of a party – expert appointment and court assistance in taking evidence – fast track arbitration rules applicable to substance

Module IV:

Arbitral Award- What is an award – form and content of award – correction and interpretation of award – additional award- recourse against award – recognition and enforcement of award Deposit of monetary sums – deposits as to costs – effect of death of a party – application of law of limitation to arbitration Recognition and enforcement of certain foreign awards

Module V :

Conciliation- Definition of scope of conciliation – advantages of conciliation over arbitration and judicial settlement Conciliation under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 – application and scope Appointment of conciliators-commencement of conciliation proceedings – conduct of conciliation proceedings- submission of statements – communication between conciliator and par ties -suggestions for settlement – confidentiality of information – admissibility of evidence in other proceedings Role of conciliator in conciliation proceedings – settlement agreement – status and effect – termination of conciliation proceedings, costs and deposits

Fee Structure :

Course fee : Rs. 900/-INR (EARLY BIRD)

After 10 July 2020 Registration Fee is 1000/- INR .


Payment Method PayViaPaytm/ PhonePay/ GooglePay-7023627441



Last Date of Registration

20th July 2020

Contact Information

Phone No. 7688879430 or 9078473139

Email :- [email protected]


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