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Call for Blogs (Monthly): LAWLEDGE- Cash Prizes and Certificates, Deadline- 15th August, 2020

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With a mission to inform, educate and empower one and all, LAWLEDGE was established in the year 2010, as an advisory and consulting firm to promote legal awareness and legal education across the country. LAWLEDGE, controlled and run by a group of lawyers, has always remained steadfast and delivers on affordable and practical learning by providing training programs, conferences, webinars, online certification courses, informative blogs, and sharing various opportunities that come about in the legal field.

About the Call for Blogs

LAWLEDGE organises a monthly Call for Blogs wherein the submission is open from the 1st till the 15th of every month. Following the review procedure, the best 10 articles are published on LAWLEDGE Blog, amongst which the top 3 authors are awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 300/- each and a Certificate of Publication (Excellence). The remaining 7 authors receive a Certificate of Publication.


(for the month of August, 2020)

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  1. What is the significance of draft EIA Notification 2020?
  2. Presidential system v. Parliamentary system of government. How effective is the parliamentary system in the Indian context? 
  3. A critique on anti-defection laws.
  4. What is non-personal data, its utility and its governance?
  5. What is Plea bargaining and how does it work?
  6. How will consumers benefit from the new Consumer Protection Act, 2019?
  7. What is the legal remedy to the illegal partition of ancestral land without consent of the parties?  
  8. How can a plaint be amended after the written statement has been submitted by the defendant?
  9. Applicability of capital gain tax on selling a property bequeathed by a gift deed.
  10. How to file a divorce when your partner is declared mentally unfit? 

Submission Guidelines 

  • The submissions must necessarily be the original and unpublished work of the author(s). Any form of plagiarism shall result in disqualification.
  • The submissions shall not be less than 1000 words (exclusive of footnotes).
  • The submissions must be written in Arial font with font size – 14 and line spacing of 1. The text shall be justified. The footnotes must be written in Arial font with font size – 10 and line spacing of 1. The footnotes shall be justified too.
  • Footnotes shall adhere to the Bluebook (19th ed) citation system.
  • Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of 2 authors.
  • All submissions are to be made in Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx format). The Word document shall bear the name of author(s).
  • The first page of the submission shall contain the following information:
  • Name of the Article,
  • Name of the author(s),
  • Name of the Institute/Organisation,
  • Year of study (if applicable),
  • Date of submission, and
  • Contact Details of the author(s) [e-mail id and phone number].
  • All the above information shall also be mentioned in the e-mail body.

Submission Deadline 

The last date of submission shall be the 15th of every month (11:59 PM).


  • The best 10 articles shall be published on LAWLEDGE Blog.
  • Authors of the top 3 articles shall receive a cash prize of Rs. 300/- each + a Certificate of Publication (Excellence).
  • Remaining 7 authors shall receive a Certificate of Publication.

How to Submit 

All submissions are to be sent to [email protected]The subject of the e-mail shall be ‘Blog Submission (Month)’.


For any clarification or query, write to us at – [email protected]


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