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Call for Blogs: Vidhitvam – The Legal Opinion (Submissions on Rolling Basis)

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About the Organization

Vidhitvam is a student-founded and student-run platform supported by professionals from the field of law. With the objective of fostering legal discussion on contemporary legal issues from all fields of law, We welcome submissions and original contributions on rolling basis from students, research associates, academicians, lawyers, and members of civil society organizations.

General Guidelines

1. The submissions must be sent in an MS Word document to submission.vidhitvam@gmail.com and can be related to any area of law and should be around 1000-1500 words.
2. The submission shall be accompanied by a cover letter mentioning the name of the author/s; name and address of the Institution/University; designation; year of study and Email ID.
3. All references must be in the form of hyperlinks. However, in case no hyperlink is available, the use of endnotes is recommended.
4. Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed.
5. The manuscript should be formatted to Garamond font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.

NOTE: For detailed submission guidelines, visit www.vidhitvam.com

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