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Call for Campus Ambassadors: YIMF (Apply Now)

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About the Organization- YIMF

Young Ignited Minds Foundation (YIMF) is a student-run non-profit organization whose primary aim is to help the poor children in acquiring education and helping them become self-sufficient to support themselves and their families. The composition of our organization mostly includes students who have come from different educational background varying from the law, engineering, medical to school students producing dynamic ideas for the effective management of our organization and serving to all the all the sections of our society.

About the Courses and Webinars

YIMF has recently started its e-learning department, which conducts webinars on various legal topics and contemporary developments related to them, inviting legal luminaries excelling in different fields of law. We have received great feedback on all of our previous webinars. We have also introduced our very first certificate course on “Public International Law (special focus on International Humanitarian Law)” starting from 1st August, 2020.

Role of a Campus Ambassador

YIMF is looking to expand its Team, and thereby invites applications for the position of Campus Ambassadors. A Campus ambassador for YIMF is expected to circulate information in their respective batch groups and social media handles regarding various webinars and certificate courses that YIMF conducts in future, and rope in registrations for them.

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A commission of 10% of certificate course fee would be given for every registration brought forth by the reference of campus ambassador. For eg.:- if the fees of the certificate course is Rs. 2000, a commission of Rs. 200 will be given for each registration brought by the reference of Campus Ambassador.

  1. At the culmination of their service period, Campus Ambassadors will be evaluated on the parameter of their work ethic and on the basis of such evaluation-
  2. The top ten Campus ambassadors shall be provided with letters of Recommendation signed by the Chairman of the organisation.
  3. The top three Campus Ambassadors shall be given certificates of Appreciation.
  4. The best Campus Ambassador shall be provided with a certificate mentioning the same.
  5. In addition to this, Campus Ambassadors with outstanding performances shall be offered a direct membership in the organisation without them having to go through the recruitment procedure involving dual-stage interview process.Furthermore,on exhibiting exemplary performance, a Campus ambassador may also be granted monetary bonus.


Those interested in applying may mail their CVs to [email protected].   The subject line should read as “Application for Campus Ambassador Position”. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis, however, since there are limited vacancies to this post, interested students are advised to apply post-haste. An interview of all the shortlisted candidates will be taken before selecting them as the Campus Ambassador of their respective institution.


For any queries, do reach out at Email: [email protected], or contact the undersigned-

Divyani Saldi

PR Manager




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