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AID.M.U.N Presents CLOCK 1.0 [The Diplomatic War]: 22nd and 23rd August 2020 (Register Now)

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AiD.M.U.N is a Youth Wing Program by AID OrgModel United Nations Is an initiative of United Nations which has been taking place since years now, The Basic Idea of this is to inculcate the parliamentary form of debates and discussions and Formal United Nations panel  within the student community via enforcing problem solving scenarios regarding major concerns going across the globe. And we are also focusing on how we can develop and inspire today’s Youth so they can make a better tomorrow. We cent percent believe that propositions as of this have actually brought about a huge difference in society and in the lives of people. We look forward to engender the thrust of pacifism in today’s modern sphere.

We feel ecstatic to join hands with deserving candidates like you who can actually prove out to be great catalysts for change. 

About the conference 

AiD  Model United Nations Conference.

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CLOCK 1.0 [The Diplomatic War]  is a two-day digital Conference that will be held on 22nd and 23rd August 2020 . With a total  Prize of Rs 6000+, Where  Best delegate  receives  a prize money worth Rs 1000 + Certificate of Honour and recommendation. 

With 5 Committees having phenomenal agendas  with a remarkable scope of substantive debate and discussions.

1. UNSC  – Agenda :  Chinese Interface and Dumping in African countries.

2. UNHRC – Agenda : migration problems on international borders due to Covid-19.

3. Emergency Prime Minister Meet  – Agenda : Indo-Nepal Border Dispute.


4. University Grants Commission (UGC) Committee- UGC Guidelines for Final University Exams. (Experts Committee maximum members 10 including 1 EB) delegate shortlisting via audition.

5. International Press,


For Registration: CLICK HERE


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