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Lex Macula Presents Webinar on “How are Suicides Investigated in India”: 16th August 2020

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LEX MACULA is a registered NGO under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. We are a youth organisation specializing in organizing moot courts, debates, seminars and other legal competitions for a much better learning experience than what is offered to the law students. Driven by a sense of excellence and talent in the young minds, a variety of mediums are provided to help students achieve perfectionism in every domain of the legal field. The vision at Lex Macula is based around equality of opportunity in the field of law. By creating a community of law students, all students are delivered an equal shot at growing and learning.


A lot of major events have happened in the past few months that have shifted the focus of the people towards mental health and the topic of suicides. There have been cries on social media to get the police working and to hold enquiries in cases of suicide, with the CBI also stepping-in now to do the investigations. With all this hue and cry and public interest in bringing the victims of suicide to justice we feel that people can be educated more on this topic and also be told about how the investigations in these cases happen and what all happens behind the scenes in deciding such cases. (Lex Macula)

For better understanding of this topic and to cover the whole range of it we have invited Advocate Amish Aggarwala as well as the well-renowned Forensics Expert Dr.Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma. Mr. Amish is a learned criminal lawyer based out of Delhi. He has been the Central Government Standing Counsel for the past 3 years and he will be talking on the legal aspect of this issue and on how the police and the law comes into the picture.

Dr.Bhoopesh would be covering the topic of how the forensic investigation happens and what all goes in deciding whether a death was by hanging, by choking or by some other means related to the case. He has been involved with the investigation teams of many cases such as the Arushi Murder Case and the Saumya Murder Case.

We at Lex Macula aim to educate our audience on the full spectrum of this topic and we are confident that all attendees will gain something of value from this webinar. With this spirit in mind, Lex Macula duly invite everyone to attend our webinar on the topic “HOW ARE SUICIDES INVESTIGATED IN INDIA?” on 16th August, 2020 at 3:30 PM.


Advocate Amish Aggarwala is Delhi-based criminal lawyer, Author and YouTuber. He represented Saravjeet Singh in the sexual harassment case against him and has authored a book titled, “7 things men should know about before getting married: Stories of false cases and legal battles in India.” He has been practising in Delhi High Court for 7 years and has been the Central Government Standing Counsel for 3 years.

Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma has an experience of over 15 years in teaching and research in Forensic Science and related areas. He was an Associate Professor and Programme Leader, Forensic Science at Amity University Dubai (UAE) for 9 years, and at Amity University Uttar Pradesh (Noida, India) for 6 years. Dr Bhoopesh has expertise in the forensic sciences of Handwriting examination, signature verification, signature forgery, Bank Frauds Investigation, thefts, murder mysteries, etc. He has been involved with the investigation teams of famous cases such as Arushi Murder Case, Saumya Murder Case, Flight Explosion case etc.


Date and day- 16th August (Sunday)

Timings- 3:30 PM – 5 PM

Medium- Via Video Conferencing (the details shall be sent via the confirmation email)

Fee- The registration fee for the webinar is Rs.100/- and all the participants who attend the session will be given an e-certificate.




Raghav Singhal- +91 8860190782

Aryaman Sharma- +91 9953745660

Saharsh Panjwani- +91 9013965521

For further updates after registration you can also check our website- www.lexmacula.org


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