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Law Central in Association with Mediate Guru Presents 1st Online National Negotiation Competition, 2020: Register by 24th September 2020

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About the Organizations

About Law Central

Law Central is an initiative taken by a team of like-minded individuals to provide a platform to students pursuing law where they can actively participate in various legal activities and competitions. We believe mooting and debating is a very essential part of a student’s life. Traditional law school courses are an effective way to learn legal doctrines, but they lack exposure to practical aspect of law. Participating in competitions pertaining to law can prove to be quintessential opportunities to learn those skills.

Hence we at Law Central work towards building a bridge between traditional teaching and practical learning to suit the modern requirements. Law Central intend to bring out the best amongst students by fostering in them a sense of competitiveness and efficiency. Our vision is to inculcate professionalism and responsibility in budding lawyers. Moreover, we aim to create a network of legal community to facilitate interactions among lawyers of today. (Law Central)

About Mediate Guru

In the era of emerging legal disputes due to high population which within its purview has different demographics not all people can afford the high cost of going to court to seek justice or wait for years to get justice at the constant burden to monetary terms and time. Here we come to assist you. Meditate Guru is a organisation aiming to provide a speedy redressal so as to ease the pressure on judiciary.

We provide our services in India as well as Outside India with an aim to make Mediation an effective tool to promote justice. We intent to bridge the gap between the classes in a community and the mediators, provide a linkage between the same with an aim to provide speedy and efficient mediation services. Apart from this we all organise various conferences, webinar’s, competition and awareness campaign.

About the Competition: Law Central

“Everybody loses in a compromise. I negotiate. When you negotiate, everybody wins.”

A win-win negotiation is a careful exploration of both- one’s own position and interest and that of the other party, in order to find a mutually acceptable outcome that possibly gives them both as much of what they want. If you both walk away happy with what you’ve gained from the deal, then that’s a win-win!
Consensual dispute resolution mechanisms like negotiation and mediation are continuously gaining popularity and are now widely prescribed and used to resolve different forms of disputes. Learning the skills of negotiation also opens a plethora of other opportunities. It is an ideal platform to test theory in practice by allowing the participants to represent the parties in the negotiation process. (Law Central)

Teams are encouraged to display and develop the skills necessary to be an effective negotiator including: planning in advance of the meeting; considering the strengths and weaknesses of their own and their opponent; developing a strategy for the negotiations; presentation of their own position; active and effective listening to their opponents; responding positively to what is heard; creative engagement with the negotiation process; adopting a principled approach; generating options to resolve difficulties.

Moreover, there is no hierarchy of power or authority as all the parties sit on the same table; the sitting arrangement is such that it does not show any superiority of one over the other. In reaching a settlement, the contestants are expected to take a multi-dimensional approach, demonstrating the variety of fields that can be effectively addressed through negotiation. (Law Central)

Rules & Regulations

Eligibility Criteria

  1. This competition is open for all the law students from different recognized Universities/ Colleges/ Institutions across the country.
  2. Cross – University teams are permitted.
  3. Multiple teams are allowed from a University/ College/ Institute.

Team Composition

  1. The competition is a team event. Each Negotiating Team shall consist of two Negotiators.
  2. The dress code of participants will be “ Business Formals”.
  3. The registration form requires teams to specify the roles of each individual member as Negotiator 1 and Negotiator 2.
  4. The roles which have been pre- assigned by the team will be carried forward throughout the competition. Change of roles after the registration will not be permitted.

Selection of Teams

  1. The teams will be registered on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  2. A maximum of 32 registrations are allowed in this competition.
  3. The right to increase the available slots is reserved with the organising committee.

Registration Process & Fees

  1. Registration fee for the competition is INR 1000 per team.
  2. Interested teams may fill out the application form by way of the Google form. The link of the Google form is: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  3. Upon confirmation, every team would be given a 24 hours period to transfer the registration fee of INR 1000 per team. The payment details shall be sent through mail.
  4. After the payment has been made by the team, a screenshot depicting payment confirmation with transaction ID must be sent to [email protected] The payment will be confirmed after the details have been shared and verified.
  5. Final registration of the teams is subject to the successful payment of the registration fee within the stipulated time.
  6. There shall be no refund of the registration fee under any circumstance, unless the competition is called off.
  7. Final decision on any issue shall be of the organising committee.
  8. By applying for the competition, the teams shall be deemed to have accepted the rules, terms and conditions as stated in this document.

Important Dates

1. Commencement of Registrations: 4th August, 2020
2. Last Date to Register: 14th September, 2020
3. Release of Competition Problem: 15th September, 2020
4. Last Date for Seeking Clarifications: 17th September, 2020
5. Release of Clarifications: 20th September, 2020
6. Competition Dates: 26th – 28th September, 2020

Structure and Format

  1. The competition shall consist of preliminary rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.
  2. The preliminary round will be conducted on Day 1 i.e. 26th September, 2020. Quarter- finals and semi-finals will be conducted on Day two i.e. 27th September, 2020. And Finals will be conducted on Day 3 i.e. 28th September 2020.
  3. The official and only language of the Competition shall be English.
  4. Each negotiating team shall compete in the preliminary rounds. The Team will be required to only represent the Responding Party or the Requesting Party which will be determined by the Draw of Lots.
  5. Top 8 highest scoring teams will qualify to Quarter- Finals.
  6. Knock-out Rounds – The quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be knockout rounds.

Time Period

  • Preliminary Rounds: 40 minutes
  • Quarter-Finals: 50 minutes
  • Semi-Finals: 60 minutes
  • Finals:90 minutes

Confidential Information

  1. Confidential information will be released 40 minutes prior to the allotted time slot of the respective round.
  2. Participants shall not disclose the confidential information to any other Participant throughout the Competition. Any such disclosure made to other Participants before or after their round shall lead to immediate disqualification from the Competition without scope of appeal.

Permitted Material

  1. For the negotiation session, each competing team can refer to its prepared notes. The team may use any device to connect to the negotiation session. You may use any mode of communication to communicate with your teammate during the preparation time. Use of the internet is allowed during the preparation time.
  2. Each team can also bring and use a calculator and a watch (stopwatch, timer, etc.).

Prohibited Assistance

  1. No person shall give advice, assistance or instructions to, or communicate or attempt to communicate, with any of the participants from the competing teams during the negotiation Session.
  2. The zoom link CANNOT be shared with anyone outside of the negotiation team. Violation of these rules, regardless of the extent of the communication or who began the communication, shall result in disqualification of the whole team from the competition.


  • Best Negotiating Team: INR 3,100
  • Runners-up: INR 2,100
  • Best Negotiator (From Preliminary Rounds)-:INR 1,500


If a violation of the Rules is believed to have been committed by a team or one of its members, the OC may in its own absolute discretion, upon its own initiative or complaint from another team or judge, disqualify the whole team.

Contact Details

EMAIL US ON: [email protected]
CONTACT NUMBERS: +91 81958 85345 (Mr. GURWINDER SINGH) – Law Central
+91 84272 63424 (Ms. GARIMA JASWAL) – Law Central


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