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YIMF Presents 1st Edition of IGNITIS MUN: Register by 18th October 2020

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About YIMF

Young Ignited Minds Foundation is a student-run non-profit organization whose primary aim is to help the poor children in acquiring education and helping them become self-sufficient to support themselves and their families. The composition of our organization mostly includes students who have come from different educational background varying from the law, engineering, medical to school students producing dynamic ideas for the effective management of our organization and serving to all the all the sections of our society.

Young Ignited Minds Foundation has touched several lives since it’s inception. Though providing education to underprivileged children is our primary focus, we’ve conducted several other programs to promote social welfare. We’ve organized a fundraiser called “Aikyam” to aid migrant workers stranded due to COVID lockdown.

Our NGO has received its 80G & 12AA certification under the Income Tax Act 1961. YIMF’s primary aim is to help underprivileged children in acquiring education and all proceeds received through Ignitis MUN will be spent towards their welfare. Thus, partnering with our organization would help boost your institution’s CSR.


YIMF is going to host IGNITIS MUN, a one-day online Model United Nations conference on 24th October, 2020 (United Nations Day) for students who’ve not had the chance or the exposure to this type of conference. For this conference, we have gathered the most experienced people in the MUN community, (Harvard MUN and other global MUN alumni) to host the event. The Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons are highly experienced and will help in the new students learning the procedures and rules of MUN.

The committees and agendas:

• UNSC- Need and Importance of Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East.
• UNHRC- Discussing State-enforced Religious Reorientation and Violence as a rising global threat.
• UNCSW- Health and Reproductive rights with special emphasis on FGM and Adolescent Pregnancies.
• UNGA- Analyzing the existing policies with regard to the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Registration Fee:

Rs. 200 / Delegate is the registration fee for the event. Participants can register themselves by the making the payment and filling the form available at


We have a special certificate for the Best Contingent for the institution, sending the best representation to our event. We will allow a maximum of 2 delegates in each committee (Maximum of 8 delegates from one institution). We invite you to send your students to this event. Other than this, we have certificates for the Best Delegate and a special mention in each committee. A prize of 500 INR will be given to the Best Delegate and 350 INR to the delegate who gets a Special Mention. Certificates will be given from the NGO to all delegates.

All proceeds from this event will be used towards education of underprivileged children by the NGO

Volunteer Programme

The team of IGNITIS brings you this opportunity for to be a part of the conference and a noble cause through the Volunteering programme for Ignitis MUN!

A volunteer has to bring a minimum of 3 candidates, all of whom can register themselves at Rs. 150 instead of the usual Rs. 200. Volunteers will be rewarded with a certificate of volunteering by the NGO after bringing 3 registrations. The certificates would contain similar credentials as that of the volunteer for the NGO itself and would help the students looking for Social Work Certifications. In case a volunteer wishes to take part in the event, they would be welcomed and have to pay only Rs. 125 for registration after bringing 3 registrations.

Help us by bringing your friends and telling people about the event, tell them the benefits of such a conference and help them register for this event. Contribute to the event and also gain the benefit of a volunteer certificate from the NGO, which will improve any person’s CV.

How to apply for Volunteer programme

Contact the undersigned through WhatsApp and we will register your name. We will send you the message containing the registration form and provide you with all the posters and information you might need. Once you bring the registrations, we will take the payment screenshots and details of the registrations and cross check with the records. Once we are done, we will offer the certificate.

For more queries, please contact-

+91 9820911034 – Pratishtha Condoor (USG, Delegate Affairs)

+91 9167923402 – Mallika Parihar (Deputy Secretary-General)

Visit us on our website: CLICK HERE


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