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Allahabad HC Raises Concern Over Re-Opening of Schools in UP Before Vaccine Distribution to Public

by Shreya
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In the view of UP govt.’s decision of Re-Opening of Schools in the state, the Allahabad HC has raised concern on the implementation of guidelines in ongoing pandemic. The court stated that there is a risk of teachers and/ or students being infected if the health protocols are not followed properly.

The court stated that Re-Opening of Schools is a matter of concern and whether the teachers and students will follow the Covid-19 guidelines or not. “There is always a possibility that young children might violate the guidelines“.

The Court has directed the District Administration of all the districts of the State of UP to regularly inspect  all the schools to check that Covid guidelines are being followed in both Government and the Private Schools.

Though we appreciate the sincere efforts of the Police Administration but we find a lot more is needed to be done and it cannot be said that things are now under control. Further efforts should be made for restricting the spread of the infection of Covid-19,” it said.

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The bench directed the Police Administration of the cities of Lucknow, Gautambudh Nagar, Ghaziabad and Meerut to file a ‘better affidavit’, indicating the names of police personnel said to be deployed in every stretch of 2 kms of every road.

 The Court in this matter of Re-Opening of Schools has directed the Additional Advocate General to look into the grievance of an intervener-applicant, regarding non-supply of proper masks and PPE kits to the healthcare workers and doctors, who are the front-line warriors in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Court in the matter of Re-Opening of Schools has asked the Additional Solicitor General of India, SP Singh to ask about the date of vaccine availability for the general public. The matter will be next heard on December 17, 2020.

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