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[TRP Scam] Human Rights Commission Takes Cognizance Of Alleged Torture of Republic TV’s AVP & CEO

by Shreya
TRP scam
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Maharashtra Human Rights Commission (MHRC) MHRC have taken cognizance of alleged torture of Republic TV’s AVP Ghanshaym Singh & CEO Vikas Khanchandani by Mumbai Police in TRP Scam.

The MHRC has sought a detailed report from the Mumbai Police Crime Branch over the arrest of CEO Vikas Khanchandani in TRP Scam on Sunday and has asked to justify his action.

The NHRC has issued notice to the Director-General of Police Maharashtra Police Headquarters over the alleged torture of Assistant Vice President Ghanshyam Singh in lieu of TRP Scam.

The Notice issued by the NHRC states,

The complainant Shri Arnab Goswami, a renowned journalist as well as Editor-in-chief and Managing Director of Republic Media Network, ARG Outlier Media Private Limited has alleged false implication, arbitrary arrest, physical assault in police custody and mental torture of Shri Ghanshyam Singh, Assistant Vice-President of Distribution of the Republic Media Network.”

“It has been stated that Shri Ghanshyam Singh was arbitrarily picked up on 10th November, 2020 from his home in relation to FIR No. 143 of 2020 registered at the DCB, CID, Crime Branch Mumbai (TRP case), although, the FIR neither named him, his affiliation nor his organization. On the second day of his custody, he was subjected to extreme mental cruelty when he refused to comply with the premeditated script of the police. He was taken into a room laden with a tool to torture, where he was brutally and barbarically whipped with a chakki belt, forced to extend his hands, and then lashed by a thick injury-inflicting chakki belt multiple times on both the hands. Even the victim cried and writhed in pain while the police officer was lashing him, they did not stop and kept the agony and continued the assault in presence of other police officials.

As per the allegations, a senior police officer was instructing for the physical torture and they were trying to coerce the victim to make false statements to incriminate himself and his organization. Shri Ghanshyam Singh was also paraded like a terrorist with his face covered in a black cloth while taken to court. It has been further alleged that as part of a witch-hunt against the Republic Media Network and in an attempt to fix investigations in a prejudged manner, all semblance of due process has been shunned and devious means of torture are being used. The complainant has requested an urgent intervention of the Commission in this matter, justice to the victim for violation of his human rights by police and to protect the news agencies whose members have been physically tortured in the custody by the State officials.

The NHRC issued a Notice to the Director General of Police, Maharashtra, Mumbai to have the allegations of false implication and custodial torture in lieu of TRP Scam be inquired by a senior IPS officer of his choice, other than the CID Branch or posted within the municipal area of Greater Mumbai, and submit a detailed report to the Commission within four weeks.

The complainant has been asked to inform the Commission, submit supporting documents if the victim has received any medical treatment and if the victim has informed the concerned Court regarding the alleged torture when he was produced before the Court.

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