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Webinar on “Aspects Related to Tax Avoidance” by Centre for Real estate and Taxation Laws (SLS Hyderabad): 28th Dec 2020

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Introduction to CRAT

Webinar on “Aspects Related to Tax Avoidance” by Centre for Real estate and Taxation Laws

Real estate industry being one of the most dominant industry in India and taxation being the most important aspect of our country, Laws regulating these are prominently emerging today. Identifying the legal scope or the legal career opportunities in these field, the Centre for Real estate and Taxation has been set up at SLS Hyderabad. CRAT is a forum for research and advocacy on Real Estate and Taxation laws. It aims towards increasing awareness among people about the laws on Real Estate and Taxation and the updated regulations of the same.

The Centre also aims to provide a platform to the budding lawyers to enhance their skills in this field and get a clearer picture of career options available in this particular area. CRAT shall ensure optimum use of the resources and provide ultimate benefit to members, students and the college as well.

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About the Webinar

CRAT is planning to organize a webinar on the topic “Aspects related to tax Avoidance”. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. Meaning of the concept
  2. The topic from the point of view of the taxpayers
  3. The income tax department
  4. Impact of tax avoidance
  5. Retrospective tax application on corporates in the light of Vodafone tax dispute case
  6. The need to draw a line between tax avoidance and tax evasion in the Indian tax system.
  7. Should India try becoming a “tax heaven” country?

About the speaker

Ashish Goel is an advocate practicing in Indian courts. Goel graduated in law from the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) in 2012 and holds a LL.M degree in international tax law from King’s College London. Before going independent, Goel worked at a law firm in London and New Delhi representing large businesses in cross-border tax complexities and controversies.

Goel also briefly worked at the Law Chambers of a former Union Law Minister on matters before the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court. Goel has taught short courses on international tax law at NUJS and the Indian Society of International Law. Goel regularly writes on constitutional and tax issues for leading media outlets. Goel may be reached at [email protected]

DATE OF WEBINAR: 28/12/2020


TIME: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Registration link: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Official Website Link: CLICK HERE

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