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Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Debate Competition, 2021 by the Department of Law, University of Calcutta: Register by May 24th

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Debate Competition

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Debate Competition, 2021 by the Department of Law, University of Calcutta: Register by May 24th

About the College and event:

The Debate Committee of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta, is pleased to invite you to attend the 4th edition of the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Parliamentary Debate (RPMD’21).The debate is an open tournament, scheduled to be held during the mid-weekend of June, from the 11th to the 13th.  We’ve had a very diverse pool of participants from around the country and beyond join us for this competition since 2017. This year, RPMD will be held online and is going to follow the British Parliamentary Debate (BPD) format.

We sincerely hope that you’ll help us build on this tradition and join us this year!

The organizing committee promises you a stellar and World Class panel of Core adjudicators: James Stratton, David Metz, Linsey Keur, Njuguna Macharia, Daryl Isla Louis, Shining Due, Sanutha Shetty and Rahul Datta; along with a brilliant pool of Invited/Subsidized adjudicators, including Pragyan Acharya, Reed and many others, and of course, an attractive prize pool. We will be hosting a diverse pool of  experienced debate judges from circuits across the world to share their judgments, experience and feedback with the participants. 

In addition to the competition weekend, we will also be offering a pre-tournament workshop with Tim Sonnreich, who is regarded by many as the ‘Father of Modern Debating’ owing to his internationally acclaimed and accepted guides which serve as stepping stones for all budding debaters, on top of his arsenal of trophies at almost every single world majors.

The workshop will serve as a special “access workshop” which would help benefit students and communities who have not traditionally had access to such international coaching in the past as well, among all. We will also promise to ensure the well-being of each participant by having on board Shruti Deb, Sneha Das and Kshitij Bakshi on the Equity committee. The tournament will also provide for a smooth experience for all debaters owing to Tasdid Tahsin, serving as Master of Tabs for the tournament, with the experience of having tabbed at Malaysia ABP 2020 and Uhuru Worlds 2021.  

Please note that the deadline for booking slots in the second round is 24th May, 11:59 pm IST. The OC will then begin payment procedures. 

Please use the following link to register for slots at RPMD’21: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Key Details

Some other key details of RPMD’21have been highlighted as follows:

Last date of phase 2 registration: 24th May, 11:59 pm IST

Date of *The Tim Sonnreich workshop* : 6th June

Date of the competition: 11th to 13th of June 

Format: British Parliamentary

Medium: Discord+Google Meet


Students from any discipline are eligible for the competition.

Adjudicator rule: 

a) n=n; for Cross teams and Institutional contingents with 1 team slot

b) n-1; for Institutional contingents with 2 or more slots.

Novice Policy: 

To qualify as a novice, a speaker: 

a) Must not have done more than 3 university tournaments (RPMD’21 must be their 4th university tournament at max)

b) Must not have broken at a regional major. 

*For a team to compete under the novice category, both speakers on the team must qualify as novices.*

CAP: Jimmy Stratton, Njuguna Macharia, Linsey Keur, David Metz, Shining Xue, Daryl Isla Louis, Sanutha Shetty and Rahul Datta

Equity: Shruti Deb, Sneha Das, Kshitij Bakshi and Chayanika Das

Tab: Tasdid Tahsin, Gazi Wasir Huda Umid, Sarjil Mahmud Khan and Tasmia Tahsin

Registration and payment details:

Registration fee for Indian participants: Rs. 500 INR per debater/adjudicator. 

Registration fee for Foreign participants: 8$ (USD) per debater/adjudicator. 

P.S. The details for the payment shall be given to you after the allocation of slots! 

P.P.S. You will be allotted your slots at the time of registration but your slots shall only be confirmed once you have made the payment for your team’s registration.

We are expecting strong contingents to be sent over from across the country and beyond. In future years, we plan to expand the reach of these tournaments and workshops to further heights.

RPMD Schedule

Contact information:

Please feel free to contact either of the numbers for any clarifications or queries you may have, they will be more than happy to address them:

Adwait Mitra (Co-Convenor): +918478930416

Aditya Aryan (Co-Convenor): +917761918994

Official Event Link: CLICK HERE

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