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Turncoat Debate Competition by Samvaad: The Discussion Forum; Register by 28th May 2021

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Debate Competition

Turncoat Debate Competition by Samvaad: The Discussion Forum; Register by 28th May 2021

About Samvaad: The Discussion Forum

A student-led initiative, at the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonipat, Samvaad has been conceptualized as a socio-legal discussion forum to widen the horizons of public discussion. The idea behind the establishment of Samvaad encapsulates the 3Ds, i.e.,” Debate, Discuss and Devise.” Envisaged with discussions on topics that affect the world, while creating an inclusive bilingual society that provides an ideologically neutral platform shall be our motive and from here we shall begin a journey of ideas and words, that later would mold the actions of individuals, fostering humanity.

About Chapter Vaadvidya

The Chapter Vaadvidya believes that every voice matters. We exist to provide an accessible space where everyone feels able to engage in meaningful discussions and enjoy the many benefits of this activity. We aim to create an apolitical forum within the university for student led-activities and see these discussions as a vehicle for developing and practicing key transferable skills including public speaking, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication skills, and most importantly, self-confidence.

About Turncoat Debate Competition

Turncoat debate is that form of debate where an individual presents an argument from both sides i.e., for the motion and against the motion. In this format of debating, participant debates against oneself. The speaker takes a particular stance on the given topic and then changes it after a specific duration of time. Extra time is given to participants to conclude or summarize all the arguments. 


The topic for the competition is “The surrogacy market should be regulated and legalized.”

Date of the Debate Competition

The competition shall be held on 29th May 2021.

How to register?

Interested individuals can register on CLICK HERE TO REGISTER by 11:59 AM, 28th May 2021. First, 20 registrations for the speaker shall be entertained as the speaker of the competition. Other registrations shall be considered as the audience of the competition.

Rules and Regulations of the competition

·       Individual participation is allowed

·       Each speaker will get 1.5 minutes to speak for the motion, 1.5 minutes to speak against the motion and 1 minute to conclude.

·       The participant can either speak in English or Hindi. Switching the medium of language while speaking is strictly prohibited.

·       Reading from paper/device will entail negative points for the participants.

·       The penalty will apply if a participant exceeds the time limit.

·       Cameras must be switched on while a participant is speaking, Mics must be unmuted only when an individual is asked to do so.

·       The decision of the judge will be final and binding to all participants. The judge may question the participants after the end of their debate.

·       Use of foul language is strictly prohibited.

·       Cross questioning by other fellow participants is not allowed.

·       The participants are supposed to ensure good internet connectivity. No relaxation shall be given for the poor internet connection. 

Judgment Criteria

·       Relevance of content (10 marks)

·       Research on the topic (10 marks)

·       Vocabulary & Language (10 marks)

·       Presentation skills (10 marks)

·       Ability to articulate arguments from both sides and conclude (10 marks)

Contact Information 

For any query regarding the competition, contact us at samvaadthediscussionforum@gmail.com   

Utkarsh Sharma – +91 6203495375

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