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All India Online Debate Competition 2.0 by Nayi Pehal Society, IMS Law College, Noida: Register by 19th May 2021

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Online Debate Competition

All India Online Debate Competition 2.0 by Nayi Pehal Society, IMS Law College, Noida: Register by 19th May 2021

About the Organizers

IMS Noida, established in 1998, is a premier institute known for its academic excellence and value-based education. It caters to both fresh graduates seeking world-class education. IMS also has collaborations with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset in its students.

Established in 2004, in Sector-62, Noida, IMS Law College, Noida runs under the auspices of IMS Society. The Big Brands Research Academy conferred IMS Law College the Best Law College in Delhi-NCR. The College is approved by the Bar Council of India, recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) and affiliated with the Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut.


Nayi Pehal, a society of IMS Noida, is a society that aims and works towards environmental protection, social and educational work. We organize events such as seminars, webinars, plantation drives, education drives and many more. As of now, with great pleasure, we plan to organize “All India Online Debate Competition 2.0”

About the Competition

Nayi Pehal is organizing this competition through online platforms, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic of the competition is also relevant to the current circumstances, which is as follows:

“Water crisis, failure of government or people”

We hope that through this platform, students get another activity to exercise their brains and maintain the spirit of education even when everyone is locked in their homes.



Students of Universities/Colleges/School are invited to participate.


This is an online bilingual debate competition. The medium for the debate shall be either Hindi or English. Hence, the participants can use either language but must stick to one language and not switch between them.


1st prize:                   Rs 1100/-
2nd prize:                  Rs 550/-
Popular Debater:    Rs 550/-

The first two winners will be awarded cash prizes immediately via online transfer, based on the marks of the judges.

A cash prize will be given based on the popularity of the speaker on social media (Popular Debater). One like will earn one mark.

Rules and Regulations

  1. 1.Speaking Time is 3 minutes. On exceeding the time limit, marks may be deducted or the entry may be disqualified.
  2. 2.The format of entries will be in the form of video recordings (mp4 format).
  3. 3.The whole speech should be recorded in one go – any Editing, Trimming or Cuttings in a video is not allowed.
  4. 4.Reading out the entire speech from a paper is not allowed. However, one can keep a short note for reference.
  5. 5.Participants shall send their videos via Google Drive share link on the Email ID being provided: [email protected]
  6. 6.If anyone has any issues in sending their videos through email, please contact us on the following WhatsApp number: 9430589417 & 9470702002 & 73528 94172
  7. 7.Participants will be judged in 3 categories – CONTENT (10), DELIVERY (10), VOICE MODULATION, AND PRONUNCIATION (10).
  8. 8.The decision of the judges and the organizing committee will be final and binding.
  9. 9.E-Certificate of participation will be provided to all the participants on the email ID given at the time of registration.
  10. 10.Videos of the top 30 participants shall be uploaded by Nayi Pehal on its social media by the 29th of May 2021 to find the most popular debater. The number of likes received on each video till 6:00 A.M., 31st of May 2021, will be counted to find the most popular debater. Any likes received after that time limit will not be counted.
  11. From the 30 shortlisted participants, the top 5 speakers shall be selected based on scores provided by judges. The top five speakers will have to debate live through an online video meeting in the final round. The topic for the final round will be provided at least 2 days earlier.
  12. 12.Each speaker shall keep their cameras and microphones on throughout the round, especially when he/she is speaking (including the rebuttals). Further, each participant, once has joined the meeting, shall keep their cameras on throughout the round.

Note: Criteria for selecting the top 5 speakers (from which the further winners will be crowned) will be scores provided by judges and criteria for selecting Popular Debater shall be as mentioned in point 10. Both titles will be exclusively awarded and should not be confused with each other.

Important Dates

Concerned DeadlineDate
Last Date of Registration19th May 2021
Last date for submitting video entries22nd May 2021
Results of Pre-Rounds26th May 2021
Uploading of videos on Social Media29th May 2021
The last date till which likes on Social Media videos will be counted31st May 2021
Result/Valediction31st May 2021

Registration Details along with Fee and Payment Details

  • Participants have to submit a registration fee of Rs 50/-,
    through Google Pay or Paytm on:- 9430589417
    through PhonePe on-  7903241521
  • A screenshot of the payment must be attached with the google form.
  • Deadline for registration: 11:59 PM, 19th May 2021
  • Register here: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Contact Details

Email ID: [email protected]

Ashutosh Bharti (Head convener–Nayi Pehal):-+91-7903241521

sukant Kumar (Head co-convener–Nayi Pehal):- +91-9470702002

Minakshi Singh (Head co-convener–Nayi Pehal):-+91-73528 94172

Registration Link


Official Brochure: CLICK HERE

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