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1st Online Memorial Writing Competition: Legal Insider: Register by April 30

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About the Legal Insider and Online Memorial Competition

The Legal Insider is a rapidly growing community of niche academicians, thinkers, activists, lawyers, professors, legal volunteers, paralegals and legal entrepreneurs who stand apart from the rest of the community with their zeal for deep thinking, leadership skills, and dedication for bringing innovation to the legal field.

About the Event

The Legal Insider is organising its 1st Online Memorial Writing Competition.


It shall be an online event.

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At present students/participants must be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, i.e., 3-year LL.B. Course or 5-year LL.B from any recognized college or university or pursuing LL.M from any recognized university or preparing for the judiciary.
In one team, not more than 3 participants are allowed. But, however, participants may seek Individual or Single participation. In one team, participants from different universities or schools or colleges are allowed.

Important Dates

  • Release of Proposition, Rules and Commencement of Registration: 25th April 2020
  • Last Date of Registration: 30th April 2020
  • Last Date for seeking Clarifications: 6th May 2020
  • Last Date of Submission of Memorials (Softcopy): 15th May 2020
  • Declaration of Result of the Memorial Round: 20th May 2020

Registration Details

Participants should register by sending the mail at insiderthelegal[at]gmail.com and insider.legal.law[at]gmail.com along with the screenshot of the payment receipt.

The body of the mail shall consist:

  • Name of the participant
  • University/College Name
  • Branch and Year in which you are studying


  • Winner will be awarded Cash Prize of Rs. 4000/-, & E-Certificate of excellence
  • Runner-up will be awarded Cash Prize of Rs. 2000/- & E-Certificate of excellence
  • 3rd will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1100, and certificate of excellence
  • The next 25 following best candidate will be awarded an E-Certificate of Merit and Internship Opportunity with our team.
  • The soft copy of the participation certificate will be provided to every eligible participant.

Registration Fee

  1. Individual Participation: Rs 350/-
  2. Team Participation( Max 3 members): Rs 550/-

Payment to be done on 9720281573, you may use Paytm or Google Pay.

Note: Team Participation is allowed up to 3 members but not more than that.


Format of the Memorial

The memorials are to be submitted in the format prescribed Rules. If a team fails to comply with the given format, it may be penalized in the form of deductions from the memorial marks.

The memorials shall contain all of, and only, the following heads, namely: Cover Page (It shall include the team code of the team on the upper right-hand corner, name of the case, parties on behalf of whom written submissions are made, name of the forum approached for dispute resolution and year. The Cover page of the memorial on behalf of the plaintiff/ petitioner/ appellant shall be in BLUE, and defendant/ respondent shall be in RED).

  • Table of Contents
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Index of Authorities
  • Statement of Jurisdiction
  • Statement of Facts
  • Issues Raised
  • Summary of Arguments
  • Arguments Advanced
  • Prayer

Note: If you do not know how to write a memorial or you are doing it the first time, contact us we will provide you with samples and guidelines for writing memorial.

Submission Details

Each registered team shall submit a soft copy, both in Microsoft Word format and PDF format (.docx and .pdf) of the memorials from both sides, via email to insiderthelegal[at]gmail.com and insider.legal.law[at]gmail.com on or before 11:59 PM on 15th May 2020.

The subject of the email should be the following “Memorial Submission”. The name of the file containing the memorial from the plaintiff/petitioner/appellant’s side should be “PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER/APPELLANT” (as the case maybe). The name of the file containing the respondent’s side should be “DEFENDANT/ RESPONDENT”. Both the memos should be enclosed in a zip file with the name of the participant who sends registration details.

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Assessment of the Memorial

Each side of the memorials shall be assessed out of 100 marks, by a team of experts on the predetermined criterion, as specified hereunder:

  • Clarity of Facts (20 marks)
  • Use of Law (20 marks)
  • Use of Authorities/Precedents (20 marks)
  • Argumentation and Clarity of Thoughts (20 marks)
  • Presentation (10 marks)
  • Originality (10 marks)


E-mail ID: insiderthelegal[at]gmail.com

WhatsApp Number: 9720281573

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