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National Online Debate Competition: MIT-WPU Faculty of Law (Register by 25th May 2020)

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MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is known to be among the top education institutions in India since the establishment of the MIT Group of Institutes in 1983. The ‘MIT World Peace University’ is recognised by the UGC under the Govt. of Maharashtra Act XXXV 2017, since 2017. Today MIT-WPU is at the epicentre for imparting a holistic value based education for the promotion of a universal culture of peace and welfare among the youth.

Witnessing rapid growth & expansion the MIT Group now encompasses 10+ campuses across India covering more than 1000 acres, all equipped with state of the art infrastructure and amenities. At any given point of time, more than 50,000 students are pursuing various courses across 65+ Institutes of MIT World Peace University.


MIT WPU Faculty of Law is a part of MIT Group of Institutions, Pune. It is dedicated to impart legal education with the sense of responsibility towards the society to the students who are interested to pursue their career in legal field. The Faculty of Law focuses on innovative curriculum emphasizing the relevance of practical training and clinical legal education with the aim that the students not only study law in books but experience the same in their life. The Faculty of Law also endeavours to infiltrate the sense of responsibility towards the progression of justice among the students so that they can play a crucial role in nation building.


This competition is being organized on an online platform because of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. However MIT WPU Faculty of Law believes that irrespective of the circumstances one can always find ways and means to continue to educate themselves and grow intellectually. In order for the students to make full utilization of their time we are providing them with the opportunity of debating through this online debate competition.


All students studying in any Undergraduate Program are eligible to apply.


  1. Preliminary Rounds: Online education has more advantages than traditional class room learning
  2. Quarter Finals: Work from home: a blessing or a curse?
  3. Semi Finals: Lockdown should be compulsory once in a year for a month to let the environment rejuvenate itself.
    The Topic of the Finals will be revealed 1 hour prior to the Final Round. The Finalists will have to prepare either FOR or AGAINST that topic which will be decided at the time.


For sake of convenience and uniformity the competition will be held in English language and no unparliamentary language would be entertained.


Preliminary Rounds and Quarterfinals: 30th May, 2020 Saturday*
Semi-Finals and Finals: 31st May, 2020 Sunday*


*Under exceptional unavoidable circumstances the dates may change. However the organizers are committed to holding the event on the above mentioned dates itself.


Last date of registration: 25th May, 2020
Important Note: Limited slots available. Kindly register at the earliest so confirm a slot.

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The Winner and Runners-up of this debate competition would be awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation “Stating 1st and 2nd Prize respectively”.

All other participants would receive an online participation e-certificate.


If by any chance any conflict arises the decision of the organizing committee would be taken as the final decision.


  1. The mode of the competition is online mode.
  2. Each zoom classroom would comprise of 1 Adjudicator, 2 Participants, 1 Organizing member.
  3. No limit on participation from one college/ university.
  4. Each participant must be an individual participant.
  5. Any official ID Card of the participant is to be attached with the registration form and it is compulsory to be shown during the competition.
  6. All Participants must be in Proper formal attire during the competition.
  7. All participants must prepare both FOR and AGAINST the motion. Whether the participant has to speak FOR or AGAINST the motion would be decided on the spot by the adjudicator.
  8. The organizing committee would provide the participants with the Zoom ID and Password, 1 hour prior to the respective rounds, through registered mail id and registered WhatsApp numbers.
  9. Students are prohibited from READING OUT from any document, paper or electronic device. Reference to chits for talking points is allowed.
  10. Proper internet connection is required for participation in this competition and in case of blackout or improper connection the participant may be disqualified by the adjudicator.
  11. Once final registration is completed, no changes would be done, or refund would be given.
  12. Organizers reserve the right to alter/change the rules/ or procedure of the competition if the need so arises.
    Decision of adjudicators and organizing committee shall be binding in case of any conflicts


  • This is a one to one debate competition. Participants would only be allowed to participate individually in the competition and not in teams. There is no upper limit on registration of number of students from one college/university.
  • The speakers have to prepare the arguments for both sides (for the motion and against motion). The competition will comprise of 2 speakers, one for the motion and another against the motion and the adjudicator would decide which side the participant would represent.

The Four Rounds will be as follows:

  • Preliminary Round: Each speaker shall be given 3+1 minutes (4 minutes to speak) and 2+1 minute (3 minutes for rebuttal).
  • Quarter-final Round: Eight students will qualify for this round and each speaker will be given 3+1 minutes (4 minutes to speak) and 2+1 minute (3 minutes for rebuttal.)
  • Semi-final Round: Four students will qualify for this round and each speaker will be given 4+1 minutes (5 minutes to speak) and 2+1 minutes (3 minutes for rebuttal).
  • Final Round: Two students will qualify for this round and each speaker will be given 5+1 minutes (6 minutes to speak) and 3+1 (4 minutes for rebuttal.)


The following would be the marking criteria to judge the speaker during the competition:

  • Preparation and flow of ideas: 20 Marks
  • Presentation: 20 Marks
  • Content/Arguments: 20 Marks
  • Rebuttal/Questions: 20 Marks
  • Time Adherence: 10 Marks
  • Language and Grammatical Accuracy:10 Marks

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Fill Google form Click here

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation mail of registration within 12 hours.

Contact MIT-WPU Debate Committee

Email: [email protected]

  1. Akash Bapat (Convener): +91-88060 84166
  2. Grishma Giramkar (Co-Convener)+91-84520 93043
  3. Ayushi Rai (Student Member)+91-85180 50747
  4. Azka Khanam (Secretary)+91-62026 60221

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