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International Confluence of Academicians: The Kathmandu Dialogue: No Fee, Register by 20th June 2020

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Kathmandu Dialogue

About the Kathmandu Dialogue and Event

This confluence comes as an initiative from the Kathmandu Dialogue Alumni Association, in association with Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal and ‘Asia blogs’, after the cancellation of the third edition of The Kathmandu Dialogue due to COVID-19.

The Kathmandu Dialogue is a ten-day international summer school to hold dialogues on various themes. The main objective of the program is to provide the new generation; an opportunity to address, understand and resolve the problems they encounter between their respective nations. Also, to brainstorm on possible solutions and cooperative measures each can take for the betterment of the world.


The lecture series comes as an initiative:

  • To conduct a multidimensional deliberation on the pandemic and the post-pandemic situation.
  • To conduct and engage in dialogue to maintain the solidarity and motivation among the youths including the past and aspiring KD delegates.
  • To enrich the Kathmandu Dialogue repository and avail ourselves of the available resources.

Who can Apply?

Students perusing Bachelors, Masters or PhD in any field having an interest in the field.

Young Scholar’s and academicians who are no more than 10 years in the profession.

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  • Impact of COVID-19 on international organizations with reference to UN.
  • Asia’s Role in Global Governance: The Rise of a New International Economic Order.
  • Misinformation and its impact in light of pandemic: Possible steps by South Asia in combating fake news – 3rd July, 2020
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Diplomacy in the Post Covid-19 era.
  • Human rights in light of technology: Exploring the interface and assessing the intersectionality.
  • Gunboat to ‘Shared future’ argument: Exploring shades of Diplomacy in international relations.
  • COVID-19 and its impact on regional institutions in Asia-Pacific.
  • Need for a ‘Trans-civilizational’ Dialogue in International Law: A response to ‘Civilizational’ Approach to International Law of the West.
  • Youth’s take in the shift of way of life owing to Pandemic.
  • Cosmopolitanism under scrutiny: A take on a post-COVID-19 world.
  • Impacts of Global Lockdown on Climate Change and the greenway forward (post lockdown).
  • Asia and Emergency: Pandemic, Public Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction mechanisms.
  • Changes in Geo Politics vis-a-vis US and China: a result of COVID-19.

Important Dates

Date of Event: 1st-10th July 2020.

Registration Closes on 20th June 2020.

Registration Details

To register, click here.

  • Note: Registration is free.
  • Perks: Certificates for All Delegates.
  • Maximum Number of Delegates capped at 100.

Contact Details

Email ID: [email protected]

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