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Call for Campus Ambassador Program: JuristoPedia (Apply Now)

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About the Organization

JuristoPedia is an E-learning platform for learners who are esurient and agog to read blogs on interesting legal topics, landmark case laws, latest updates in the legal light and various law aspects. We have put all our efforts to provide law related content by which one can easily learn and know about the Judgments and legal aspects with ease.

About the Program

Campus Ambassador Program is basically a campus-based promotion of a firm, organization, company, etc. Our Campus Ambassador Program is one of the initiatives to reach the maximum students of India from the field of law and management while giving them an opportunity to learn professionalism and giving them an exposure to work with the other students of the colleges from all over India. Through Our Campus Ambassador Program, we aim to give the students an opportunity to represent JuristoPedia in their campus.

Term: 2 months

Qualifications: Students pursuing any under-graduate or post-graduate course.

Number of Positions: Three Campus Ambassador from each college/ university.

Location: Work from home  

Registration Link – Click Here


To have the position of Campus Ambassador and lead JuristoPedia in the concerned college is in itself matter of pride Some of the perks given to campus ambassadors are:

  • Certificate as a Campus Ambassador, which will enhance your CV.
  • Campus Ambassador becomes the face of the college.
  • Letter of Recommendation: LoRs will be given to the outstanding CAs helping them to boost their chances for scholarships and better job opportunities.
  • Exposure and Experience to work with the students from all over India.
  • Opportunity to make your special identity, you can write yourself as Campus Ambassador, JuristoPedia in your email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram profiles, blogs, personal pages etc.
  • SPECIAL RECOGNITION will be given for outstanding contribution during events and competitions
  • The position will be contractual basis and person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if work found unsatisfactory.
  • Perks will be increased on the basis of work.
  • To learn the professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc. 


  • Social Media Marketing- Campus Ambassador has to circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. They should be up to date about all the programs and events organised by JuristoPedia. Utilize official website and social media to spread awareness amongst students.
  • In college promotion- College promotion include displaying all the banners and other information on the notice boards and in various college groups to promote JuristoPedia and to promote all events among their peers.
  • Seminars- This asks for joint association of the college & JuristoPedia, and the campus ambassador plays an important role in building their relationship with each other. The campus ambassadors have to organize seminars in their college in association with JuristoPedia.
  • Interview- The campus ambassador has to conduct interviews of faculty members, students and others to understand the basic problem they are facing so that by taking the merit of which, JuristoPedia should frame program to cure such problem and making them believe that

JuristoPedia solves real-time problems.

  • To complete the tasks/works given to them from time to time.

Contact Information

For any other queries, write us at [email protected]

Or contact,

Saloni Paliwal

Founder – JuristoPedia

+91 6265671886

Nidhish Gupta

Co-Founder – JuristoPedia

+91 8770250435


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