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1st National Painting Competition, 2020 by Lawpanch: Register by 20th July 2020

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About Lawpanch

Lawpanch works to spread the law by lighting the lamp of awareness. Lawpanch is set up with the mission to spread the law of land even to the grass-root level of India by fieldwork or social media campaign through selecting different volunteers of law field whether the student or graduates. The awareness programs are there to make every person in the country aware of their right and duties towards themselves, society, and country. Law provides every individual certain rights and duties which is unknown to a large group of the Indian population so, let’s spread law.

Lawpanch also trains young minds through an internship program. It helps the students by solving their problems relating to the law field.

About the competition

As a part of the legal awareness program, it gives us (Lawpanch team) immense pleasure to announce the 1st National Drawing Competition, 2020. The competition is meant to encourage submissions of artistic expressions to present your emotions, feelings, ideas and innovative thoughts through the Art. We have been spreading law through social media platforms and now is the time to take a step forward to present Drawing Competition for people from legal fraternity as well as laymen ‘to see how much you know.’


Competition is open to all from India. There is no age restriction (anyone can participate)

Important Dates

  • Starting of registration: 6th July 2020
  • Last date of registration: 20th July 2020
  • Last date of Submissions: 25th July 2020
  • Declaration of Results: 10th August 2020

Registration fee

  • Rs. 50 per head
  • Not more than 3 person can work on one drawing (Rs 50 is per head)

Payment mode

  • Paytm no. 8470895339 (Aman Maurya)
  • UPI no. 8470895339 (Aman Maurya)

Procedure for registration

  • Fill the form and take a screenshot.
  • Pay the registration fee through above-mentioned mode and take a screenshot
  • Send both the screenshot along with on the registration form on mail id the [email protected]

Competition Guideline

  • The Registration fee Rs. 50/- (Non-Refundable)
  • Students can use any medium like Crayons, Water Colorcast Pastels, Colour Pencils, etc.
  • The participant must use unlined A3, A4 Size paper.
  • There will be 3 to 4 judges for this competition.
  • The decision of the judges will be final.
  • The organization reserved all rights of the competition.

Important points to be noted when the painting is made-

  • The participants can draw o any law topics, or articles of the Indian Constitution or Acts in relation to the environment, consumer, contract, labour, etc.
  • Topic for example:
  • Rape
  • Suicide
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Environment protection

You are free to choose any topic regarding the law.

  • They can through their drawings portray their opinions regarding the laws.
  • They can show can changes they want in the law or if they feel that the law is not up to the mark.
  • They can recommend any changes in the law that they want to be seen in the legal field or in any laws or articles or rules.
  • They can compare two laws that is how they were in the past and what is the present situation.
  • They have to pay attention that the core of the paintings should be law only, and it should be created in such a way that any person can understand it. It shouldn’t be as such that only the people of the law field or from the painting background are able to understand it.
  • The moto should be awareness towards law.

Submission guidelines

  • The participant have to take photo JPG form has to submit their entry by Email to email [email protected]
  • Do write your details in the mail while submitting your work.
  • Wait 24 hrs for a submission confirmation.



NOTE: The payment option is not in the form make a payment on this payment number separately.


  • 1st prize: Rs. 1500 + certificate of merit + letter of appreciation + publication of work on lawpanch website
  • 2nd prize: Rs. 1000 + certificate of merit + letter of appreciation +Publication of work on lawpanch website
  • 3rd prize: Rs. 500 + certificate of merit +letter of appreciation + publication of work on lawpanch website
  • 3 consolation prizes will be given. ( they will be given a letter of appreciation + publication of work on lawpanch website)
  • Top 10 will get the opportunity to publish their work on the website if they want.
  • E-certificates will be issued to all the participants.

Contact us

Sudhanshu: 7277075259

Sumit: 7507572994

For quick response please contact Instagram @lawpanch


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