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YIMF Academia Presents Certificate Course on Public International Law: Register by 21st July 2020

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The Young Ignited Minds Foundation” (YIMF) is proud to announce its very first certificate course on Public International Law (Special focus on International Humanitarian Law), to be taught by Prof. Amit Upadhyay, DAAD Scholar and Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Law School, brought to you by YIMF Academia.

About the course

The course shall be conducted for only a select group of students, and shall be taught live by Prof. Amit Upadhyay. The course shall be taught over the course of 4 weeks (starting from 1st August) and live interactive sessions shall be conducted by the faculty along with Q&A sessions for the participants.

Week 1-

  • Introduction to International Law (brief history, UN charter, ICJ)
  • Sources of International law
  • Making of International law

Week 2-

  • Application of International law
  • Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
  • Use of force under International Law

Week 3-

  • International Human Rights Law (evolution and development)
  • International Human Rights Law – Protection Mechanism
  • Refugee law

Week 4-

  • Introduction to International Humanitarian Law
  • International Humanitarian Law – International Human Rights Law – Relationship
  • International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism
  • ICC – Case Studies


  • Live Lectures to be held on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), starting 1st August 2020.
  • Each session duration would be about 90 minutes, in which the lecturer would also entertain questions from the participants.
  • In case any participant isn’t able to attend a live session, recording of the same shall be shared with the participant.




  • Live interactive sessions from the speaker along with Q&A sessions for the participants.
  • Study material to be provided.
  • Certificates upon the successful completion of the certificate course.
  • Detailed note from YIMF (on our official letter head), mentioning the details of the course and topics successfully completed by the candidate.
  • 24×7 support team to assist the participants throughout the duration of the course.
  • Walkthrough of Relevant case studies from the industry by the faculty to facilitate practical understanding of the subject.


  1. The fee for the course (till 21st July) is Rs. 1500/-. Post 21st July, the fee for registration will be Rs 2000.
  2. Payment can be done through PayTM and UPI( The QR codes have been provided in the next section).
  3. PayTM Number: 8289011619
  4. UPI Number: +91 8289011619, UPI id: [email protected]
  5. Make sure to pay before filling the form as the form requires you to put in the Transaction id.


  1. In the unlikely scenario that a session needs to be rescheduled, the learners shall be informed at least 6 hours in advance.
  2. Our faculty members and Online Learning Associates (OLA) will make sure that the online classroom is a safe space for you. They will ensure that all opinions find a place to be expressed, and that diversity is respected.
  3. Please email them if you find any activity in the classroom to be disrespectful. They will ensure that you are heard in accordance with the classroom behaviour rules.
  4. Your faculty member and OLA will make the assessment criteria available to you along with the course information once you join the cohort. Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the program team Please avoid writing to your faculty member(s) directly regarding course logistics, unless absolutely necessary.
  5. All learners that attend at least 75% of the classroom sessions and clear the assessment will be awarded a certificate of completion.
  6. There shall be no processing of refunds
  7. The course shall be deemed complete once all the scheduled sessions have been delivered and the final assessment has been conducted. (YIMF Academia)

Contact Details

For any queries contact Anjali Gupta (+91 8777594892) – YIMF Academia or visit us on www.yimfindia.org (YIMF)


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