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Call for Blogs: Jus Rerum (Submissions on Rolling Basis)

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Jus Rerum

About Jus Rerum

The Jus Rerum is a platform which encourages autonomous scholarly ideas and developments, which instil a culture of exploration and inflame discussions on contemporary or multidisciplinary issues. With a mission to give a comprehensive detailing, progressively, exact, straightforward and open to everyone. We invite submissions from a plethora of students, academicians, law practitioners and every intellectual or knowledge enthusiast. 

We expect to create a platform of knowledge, focused on engendering and advancing discourse in the socio-legal field. This stage is available to all to peruse and compose. We aim at providing valuable contributions to contemporary legal, social, environmental, political, economic, and international issues and developments in the omnipresent space of knowledge to the masses.


  • Jus Rerum is accepting the weekly submissions (including academic or contemporary articles) on a rolling basis from all the contributors. We strive to publish exceptional academic work written on contemporary legal issues or socio-scientific (social, environmental, political, economics and international issues) issues of global or national relevance which can provide developments in the omnipresent space of knowledge to the masses.

Structure of the Submission

We provide a well-classified section for the submissions, which consists of the following parts:

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  • The Jus Rerum Report: This segment will cover news related to the recent happenings around the nation and the globe, including problems which are in need to be addressed.
  • The Jus Rerum Clause: This segment will be dedicated to articles, case commentary and worthy keynotes linking any area of law; offering a new perspective and a critical analysis on the subject or the topic taken by the author.
  • The Jus Rerum feature: This segment will cover all the shorts of paragraph writing including essays, commentaries etc., which can be a combination of both the technical and the non-technical aspects of any multidisciplinary issue. This selection will focus on those contents which are easy to comprehensible by the masses.

Author(s) must mention about the specific segment they are intended to publish from the above-mentioned sections in their subject of the email as given below to determine the nature and the criteria of the document specified. 

How to Submit?

All submissions must be made to our email: [email protected] with the subject line ‘Submission for Jus Rerum: Report/Clause/Feature’. For example, if someone composes an article for The Jus Rerum Reportthan the subject would be ‘Submission for Jus Rerum: Report’.

Important Guidelines

  • Co-authorship of up to two authors is allowed. Refrain from mentioning the name, institutional affiliation, or any other detail of the author(s) in the document during the editing stage to maintain the unbiased nature of the review process.
  • Submissions should fall between 1000-2000 words in length.
  • By submitting an article, the author undertakes that the article is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted, or published elsewhere.
  • The articles should not be plagiarised more than 15%.
  • The content should be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12. Line spacing should be 1.5, Justified.
  • The author(s) need to append an appropriate photo concerning the topic of the article so that we can give a photographic preview in the article sections of the website and also in the social media platform for the purpose of public expression of admiration. The author(s) are not supposed to infringe another person’s copyright for this, that would get him/her excluded from the process of publication and the document shall stand rejected.
  • The article should contain proper citations and references. The Harvard Bluebook Citation Method (19th edition) must be adopted for the same.
  • Citation rules for the above three mentioned sections:
  1. For the Jus Rerum Report section, the references in any form like journal articles, reports, facts or other resources should be hyperlinked in the main text itself in the event that such a type of referencing is impossible, at that point author(s) should utilize endnotes and not footnotes.
  2. For the Jus Rerum Clause section, the references in any form like case law, statutory materials, Regulations, Articles or any other resources should be cited in the footnotes conforming to the Harvard Bluebook citation method (19th edition) as the uniform method of citation. Endnotes are not accepted in this section.
  3. For the Jus Rerum Feature section, the references in any form like journal articles, reports, facts or other resources should be hyperlinked in the main text itself in the event that such a type of referencing is impossible, at that point author(s) should utilize endnotes and not footnotes.
  • There should be no Borders or Page numbers in the formatting.
  • Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only. Documents in pdf formats shall not be accepted.
  • Author(s) must include their full name, year of study, name of institution/ organization, phone no., LinkedIn ID (if any) and official email ID in the body of the e-mail as a cover letter, and not in the document
  • There will be no publication fee.


  • The author(s) by presenting their composition would be esteemed to have deprived the copyright to Jus Rerum, although, every ethical or moral right will stay with the author(s).


Author(s) submitting articles/papers/cases/notes of all kinds for publication warrant that the work is not an infringement of any current copyright, the intrusion of privacy, infringement of an exclusive right, or defamation and will indemnify, safeguard, and hold the Jus Rerum or publisher innocuous or blameless from any harms, costs, and expenses against any breach of such warranty.

Important Dates

Jus Rerum accepts weekly submissions on a rolling basis from all contributors.


  • An e-Certificate will be issued via email, recognizing the herculean task and qualified commitment of the Author to the Jus Rerum.
  • Highly-qualified articles, case commentary, or any proficient contemporary composition may get an opportunity to work under our editorial Board as an ‘Assistant Editor’ or a ‘Content Writer’ under Content Writer Board. (After the peer review of Editorial Board and Executive Board)
  • Authors will get a shout-out from all the social media handles of Jus Rerum.
  • Jus Rerum would likewise recognize the endeavours of the authors on our “Top Reads” section in our site.

Contact Information

In the case of any query, contact at [email protected].


Official Website: CLICK HERE

Phone number: 7987348659, 9406586208


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