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[Opportunity] Call for Campus Ambassador by MyLawman [Apply by 20 September 2020]

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About MyLawman

MyLawman is one of the fastest-growing Legal Community websites for Legal Resource sharing and an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia. 

As a one-stop solution, MyLawman caters to differential needs of Law students and professionals across different divisions viz. legal blogs, opportunities, journal, judiciary preparation and e-learning content including online courses.

MyLawman is a growing family of around 1500+ law students as volunteers/ interns and campus ambassadors along with hundreds of law faculties on board. MyLawman partners with Law Schools, Law Firms, Domain Experts (resource persons) and NGOs working in the field of Law to build and disseminate legal knowledge to learners/legal fraternity.

About Campus Ambassador Programme

MyLawman is rolling out the Campus Ambassador Programme [CAP]. It aims to integrate all the law schools spread throughout the country and brings them under one roof to percolate the MyLawman programs including research opportunities, internships, publication opportunities and interviews. Apart from being the literal campus ambassadors, the campus ambassadors will also be responsible for conducting a few events in their individual colleges in collaboration with MyLawman. The ambassadors can also be a part of the mooting, debating culture, legal online courses, webinars and constructive discussions that will take place in the organization. It’s a unique opportunity for students who are proactive and are interested in being the face of their law school.

Roles & Responsibilities 

CAMPUS AMBASSADOR would be required to: 

1. Anchor/bridge communication between their college campus and our organization. 

2. Percolate information about the legal learning and literacy programmes at MyLawman to make it accessible to people at large. 

3. Be proactive, honest and punctual candidate having good leadership, communication and organizational skills. 

4. Digital Marketing: Circulate our ads, posters and videos through email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

5. You will be assigned legal fraternity/community welfare projects by the Organization which needs to be completed within the given time frame. 

6. To communicate the events and happening of the organization in their college and get the results too. 

7. An active internet user, interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media. 

8. Creatively utilise their resources to the optimal level for the purpose of efficient and effective outreach. 

9. Conduct/organise legal learning events including and not limited to moot court training, trial advocacy training, online courses, webinars, essay competitions, or other competitions at their institutions. 

Expectation from Campus Ambassador

  • Devote 1-2 hours daily   
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills  
  • Out-of-box and creative thinking  
  • Good Knowledge of MS Office, other computer skills  
  • Honesty and reliability  
  • Strict adherence to timeline/deadlines 


  • 2nd, 3rd & 4th year of 5-year Law Course  
  • 1st & 2nd year of 3-year Law Course  
  • Proficiency in computer skills  
  • Active on social media.


2 months; extended on the basis of performance. 


1. Certificate of Appreciation: CA will receive a Certificate from us which will strengthen their CVs. 

2. Letter of Recommendation: LoRs will be given to the outstanding CAs helping them to boost their chances for scholarships and better job opportunities. 

3. The CAs may also get discounted enrolment to our Online Certificate Course, webinars as a reward for their excellent performance. 

4. Publication opportunities would be available for the CA 

5. Networking opportunities with Campus Ambassador from other Law colleges who are like minded passionate individuals. 

6. Campus Ambassador can hone their skills of coordination, public speaking, communication, conceptualisation and execution which are critical skills needed for any law student. 

7. Undertaking such programmes and initiatives look impressive on applications for masters, as Universities are looking for leadership quality and in depth knowledge on legal topics from individuals apart from academic credentials. 

How to Apply?

The students who are interested to be a part of Campus Ambassador Programme would have to send your credentials on or before 20th September 2020 on ankitamylawman@gmail.com and cc – abhinav@mylawman.co.in & sonal@mylawman.co.in

Subject line- CV & write up for Campus Ambassador, MyLawman.

  •  The applicants have to attach their CV/Resume, and
  • A write-up – 250-500 words max. on – “How can you contribute to MyLawman during COVID 19?”

For More Details, feel free to contact:

Ms. Ankita GAUR


+91 8700836596

To Know More, Visit- www.mylawman.co.in


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