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ILS EDC Presents ILS Pitchers in Association with Excelegal: Register Now

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ILS EDC: – Mission: To create an environment promoting entrepreneurship among students, especially in the field of law.

With such a large and growing fraction of the legal sector launching their own firms, one must ask if law schools are doing enough to prepare law students for entrepreneurship. Owning an enterprise, legal or otherwise, is not an easy task and many seem too apprehensive to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. At the ILS EDC, we believe that there is a significant lack of exposure to entrepreneurship for law students, which has made the legal sector distant from innovation and technology.

The objectives of this cell include
• To encourage the latent entrepreneurial spirit in students
• To conduct lectures and interactive sessions introducing the essence of entrepreneurship
• To conduct sessions by successful entrepreneurs to inspire and guide the students
• To educate the students about the overlap between entrepreneurship and law
• To foster the spirit of start-up culture in the campus and beyond
• To produce successful entrepreneurs

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Excelegal is an evolving online education platform for law students across the country. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and the practical aspects of law through its online education courses. Excelegal provides educational certificate courses including video lectures, live lectures with doubt clearing sessions, revision notes, and self-assessment tests covering various fields of law.

These courses have been curated by renowned professionals enabling the users to sharpen their skills and explore new dimensions just with few clicks. This platform is primarily career focused while it also supports students by conducting various competitions, webinars, and legal awareness workshops in various schools and colleges as well as through various online platforms.

Elevator Pitch Competition

The Elevator Pitch Competition (ILS EDC) is a video submission competition that challenges students to make a convincing and engaging “Elevator Pitch” to an Angel Investor in 60 seconds or less.

Submission Criteria

  • Record a 30-60 second video of a student delivering an elevator pitch for your business. Videos should capture a student delivering the pitch to the camera. The pitch should be delivered in a single, unedited take
  • Videos should not be edited together or produced with effects. This doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed on the first take, but there should be no post production done to the pitch (i.e. don’t edit two halves of different takes together).
  • Avoid reading from scripts or cue cards.
  • Please be sure to record the video in a reasonably quiet environment to make it easier for the judges to hear and understand. Avoid recording outdoors or in loud hallways.
  • Medium of language is Hindi or English.
  • Registrations will be done via google form.
  • Make sure the name of the file is in the following order –



Judging Criteria

Each aspect will be rated from 1-10/20. Each participant will be marked out of 100. The breakdown of marks is as follows: – ILS EDC

PresentationQuality and professionalism of pitcher’s delivery. Elements to
consider: – attire, eye contact, voice projection, body language,
Viability and relevance of real-life application10
CompellingHow much does the pitch entice you and draw you in?10
ClarityClarity through presentation10
InformationDoes the pitcher deliver all the details that the entrepreneur is
looking for
Next StepsHow willing are you to invest in the idea20
IdeaHow unique and creative is the idea?20


Winner – Cash Prize Rs 1000
Selected students will get an internship opportunity with the sponsor subject to interviews conducted by the sponsor

Brochure: CLICK HERE


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