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World Cyber Security Forum’s 2nd Symposium Series on “Cyber Crimes and issues pursuant to International Laws” in collaboration with SCC Online: Register Now, No fees

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World Cyber Security Forum

About World Cyber Security Forum

World Cyber ??Security Forum (WCSF) is an internationally renowned cyber consultancy and web community founded in 2019 that aims in improving cybersecurity awareness and acts as a source of techno-legal information for professionals, students, and teenagers around the world.

On 1st April 2020, World Cyber Security Forum launched Cybercrime Awareness 2020 program, which is a global initiative to support emerging trends in cyber law, cybercrime, and cybersecurity. Increasing the level of cyber awareness through education and training can be an effective way to encourage the adoption of security tools, which leads to a safer use of technology.

The objective of the symposium series is to educate people about the importance of emerging Cyber Crimes and Information Technology in the digital age.

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About SCC Online

SCC Online is brought to you by Eastern Book Company – a publishing house of international repute and an acknowledged leader in the field of law publishing in India for more than 75 years. EBC publishes a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests, and its products include pioneering works both in the print and electronic medium. Using the finest of technological innovations, they pioneered law information databases for making law easily accessible in the electronic medium. This has appeared in a revolutionary form, in the electronic medium, as SCC Online’s Case Finder. This Information Database and search program is a proven source for quick retrieval of case-law precedents of the Supreme Court of India.

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2nd Symposium Series on “Cyber Crimes & issues pursuant to International Laws”

The main idea of the World Cyber Security Forum symposium series “Cyber Crimes and issues pursuant to International Laws “is to provide a practical approach in terms of emerging cybercrimes and cyber security laws on international level. As technology is evolving rapidly, so human beings are & during this expedition all are facing a lot of obstacles in all senses. This series aims to kindle the society in context to the crimes & various security issues they have faced to date.

This World Cyber Security Forum symposium evaluates the international impetus of the law reform in combating cybercrime. It classifies actions of international harmonization into professional, regional, multinational and global actions, summarizes the major concerns of these actions, and concludes the influence of the Convention on Cybercrime on state and international levels of legal countermeasure. The series also points out the limitations of the previous actions and anticipates the United Nations to play a more important role.

Also, it will be more inclined towards the conclusive part, where our honorable speakers will try to give preventive measures. This Symposium includes 5 sessions and the details are-:

  • 10th October 2020 (4.00 pm, IST) – “Net Neutrality & Regulation of Internet” by Mr. Raghav Mendiratta (Legal Researcher, Stanford University)
  • 11th October 2020 (7.00 pm, IST) – “Cyber Crimes for Money Laundering & Terrorism Funding” by Mr. Muteab Alotabi.(Legal Counselor, K.S.A Customs)
  • 17th October 2020 (5.00 pm, IST) – “Cyber Crimes against Federal & State Government” by Mr. Hossam Elshenraki. (Professor, Dubai Head Quarters)
  • 18th October 2020 (5.00 pm, IST) – “Importance of Cyber Laws in today’s Technologically Driven World” by Mr. Festus Ogun.(Founder & MD, Crypto Law Africa)
  • 24th October 2020 (5.00 pm, IST) – “New Challenges in AI & Cloud Computing” by Dr. Emmanuel Goffi (Director, Observatory on Ethics & AI in Institut Sapiens)

Registration Details

  • For Registration, please fill this form-  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Seats are limited; once all the slots are full, registration will be closed.
  • Registration Fees: No registration fee.
  • A participation certificate will be provided to all the attendees.

Contact Details

For any query, please email us at [email protected] or Call/WhatsApp us on +91 9315049547.


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