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National Debate Competition “Conflict Confronts” by Nishkarsh Rashtriya Yuva Samagam: Register by 18th August 2020

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Debate Competition

Event Details

“If you have to say or do something controversial, aim so that people will hate that they love it and not love that they hate it.” 

Nishkarsh Rashtriya Yuva Samagam presents “Conflict Confronts”, A National E-Debate Competition on 21st, 22nd and 23rd August, 2020.

Last date for registration- 18/08/2020

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Who can register- Any one who is interested in Debate can participate.

How to Participate- (Register your self)

Rules of Procedure

There will be four rounds (Debate Competition):-

1. The Reasons and Arguments

2. The voice of the brains ( Extempore)


3. Knock Out Round ( Cross Examination )

4. Tug of  Word’s war 


1. We are providing 10 topics from which the participant has to select any one topic and have to give speech in for or against on it (Debate Competition).

Topics for First Round-

  • Are reservation in job & education justified?
  • Feminism and the power of law
  • Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is “just and not divisive”
  • Birth control should be for sale over the counter.
  • How is peer pressure different from bullying?
  • Sex education necessary for middle school students?
  • Should police have the right to shoot to kill?
  • Capital Punishment: A Bane or Boon
  • Is freedom of speech a necessity in a functional society?
  • Climate change is the greatest threat in human history.
  • The participants will itself decide whether they choose ‘For or Against’

1.2 Time allotted for round is 3+2min, first 3 min  for speech and 2 min for question and answer round by the Judges.

2. The Voice of Brains (Extempore)Topic would be provided on the spot and the participants would be given 1 minute for deciding whether they opt to speak “For” or “Against”.

2.1 Time limit would be 2 minutes for speech and 30 sec for conclusion.

2.2 There will be no question and answer round.

3. Knockout Round ( Cross Examination )For this round you will get topic One night before round.

3.1 For this round who will face whom will be decided by the  organising committee.

3.2 Who will speak in for or against the topic will be decided by Draw of lots.

3.3 Time limit for this round will be 3 + 2+ 2mins First 3 minutes will be provided for speech and 2 minutes for rebuttal and rest 2 minutes for judges question and answer round(cross examination).

4. Tug of words war For the final round four participants will  be qualified and

4.1 The topic would be provided 1 hour before the final round.

4.2 Who will speak in for or against the topic will be decided by Draw of lots.

4.1 The time limit will be 5 + 3 minutes i.e, 5 minutes for speech and 3 minutes for Rebuttal. When all the four participants will complete their rebuttal then the Judges and viewers can ask the questions from the participants. One viewer can ask only one question from any finalist. 

Language- Bilingual (Hindi/English)

Judging Criteria

1.Time Management

2.Communication Skill/ Voice

3.Projection/ Inflection

4.Presence of mind


6.Clarity of thoughts

7.Approach /Appearance

8.Expressions/ Eye Contact / 



11.Worthwhile Message

Note- Changes can be made in the Rules of Procedure with the mutual consent of the Organizing Committee. The decision of the in Organizing Committee will be valid and final.(Changes can be made according to the number of participants.)

Registration Details

Registration Fee- Rs 50 only

How to register – Click on the link given below to register (Debate Competition) yourself : CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Payment Details- Paytm/Google Pay- 7050334644

Contact Details

For any queries feel free to contact- +91 9044882334

Email id- [email protected]

Instagram- Instagram Link

Facebook- Facebook Link


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