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Child Rights Workshop (National and International Perspective) by Our Voix (25th-28th June 2020): Register Now

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Our Voix

About Our Voix

OUR VOIX is a not for profit organisation working on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. We know child sexual abuse is preventable and not inevitable. We conduct workshops for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at schools, colleges, corporates, etc. We have reached out to 15,000+ Children with our workshops. Volunteer base in London, the USA and different states in India. Our workshops encourage Awareness and Prevention by empowering children in a child friendly and psychologists approved manner.

About Workshop

4 Days Online Workshop on Child Rights (National and International Perspective) specific focus on Sexual Violence.

  • Dates : 24th June – 27th June
  • Time : 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ( IST)
  • Fee : Rs. 800


CLICK HERE to Register for the Child Rights Workshop (National and International Perspective).

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About the Speaker

 For Whom

1. School Teachers

2. Law Students

3. Child Rights Organisations

4. Any person passionate about child rights

After the workshop (Our Voix)

1.  Knowledge to conduct campaigns on Child Rights Issues


2. Knowledge about International and National Law on Child Rights

3. Basic Principles of the UNCRC ( Right to Participation, Right to Protection, Non- Discrimination, Best Interest of the Child) Real-Life Cases

4. Child Sexual Violence World Wide


6. E- Certificates will be provided

Contact Information

[email protected]

+91 9599860311


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