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2nd Edition of Jaipur Law Fest by Vidhishala: Register Now!

by Ajshal
Vidhishala Jaipur Law Fest


Vidhishala is a global community registered under MSME , Govt of India & is a registered trademark under Trademark Act , 1999. It is a socio-legal organization which focuses on impregnating legal education and awareness among society by providing resourceful insights of multidisciplinary sections of law. We also aim to develop diverse political and socio –legal discussions to ensure that we are able to fertilize the ever-growing legal fraternity. Vidhishala is committed  to “ Servientes Populi et legis” and hence we are heading towards different aspects of legal world . 


Jaipur law fest is a mega event which will be organized at national level . Its first edition was held on 9th December 2017 . In its first event , various eminent personalities like Late Justice Shri N.M Ranka and various other dignitaries marked their presence . Now, in current scenario it will be organized by Vidhishala in collaboration with Ranka Public Charitable Trust on 18th – 19th December 2021.


This event comprises of Panel discussions as well as flagship events .

Panel Discussions

Session 1- Importance of fundamental rights in democratic Society : This session will be based on creating awareness about fundamental rights and their importance among students.

Session 2Escalating Crimes against women in society : Causes & Solutions:   This session will deal with providing indight about increasing rate of crimes in society. The main aim behind this session is to analyze causes and provide solutions for such crimes .

Session 3–  Public Prosecutors, victims and expectation  gap : An analysis of Indian Jurisdiction :This session deals with introduction about public prosecutors, their working as well as the expectations of victim about any case/ problem. Through this session , students will be able to comprehend the issue and enrich their thinking skills .

Flagship Events

Debate Competition

Aim : It aims to provide a platform for students where they can enrich their debating skills easily by focusing on issues based on contemporary and developing aspects of law .

Theme : Trends and Public Opinion towards Animal Experimentation ( This theme is only for preliminary round. )  For further rounds ie Semi –finals and Finals, topic will be intimidated to the participants prior to the commencement of round. 

Eligibility :  It is open for all school , undergraduate and post- graduate students of multidisciplinary streams from various schools , colleges and universities across the country.  

Date Of Competition : 18th December 2021

RTI Drafting

Aim : The aim of this competition is to enhance drafting skills of the individuals. Through this competition , participants will be able to identify the hidden areas among the society which will help them to provide solutions for such issues .

 There is no fixed theme / topic for the RTI Application. Participants can take any burning socio- legal  topic for their application .

Eligibility : It is open for all under-graduate and post-graduate students from various disciplines. 

National Legal Quiz Competition

Aim : The aim of this competition is to provide a platform for law enthusiasts & students to test their knowledge in the legal field. It will test memory, reasoning as well as analytical techniques of students. 

 Eligibility : Any student pursuing UG & PG in any discipline at any college or department of recognized universities.

Call For Papers

Aim :  The main aim behind this event is to analyse upon research skills of participants.

Eligibility : Papers are invited from students , academicians , research scholars , professionals and other stake holders. 

  1. Themes : Importance Of Fundamental Rights in Democratic Society : In it research must revolve around fundamental duties as well as fundamental rights . 
  2. Escalating crimes against women in society : Causes & Solutions – It can include human trafficking and forced prostitution .Secondaly , it can include honor killing .
  3. Public Prosecutors , victims and Experimentation Gap : An analysis Of Indian Jurisdiction 
  4. Humans losing humanity: Rising instances of animal cruelty in India , a land where they are worshipped : It can include about condition of exotic animals as pet and testing on animals .
  5. Note : These are only prescribed themes . Participants can take any theme similar to these themes . 

National Client Counselling Competition

Eligibility : It is open for all Under –graduate and Post- graduate students .

 Aim : The aim behind this event is  to explore the client – lawyer interaction      skills and to improve the problem analysing techniques of the students and giving such information which, a a client would like to know regarding his legal problem/case.

Structure Of Competition : It will comprise of prelims , semi-finals and finals


Registration link


 Link for the brochure : 


Contact Us

            For further information regarding the fest , kindly refer brochure.   

            In case of further queries regarding the event kindly contact the below-mentioned names :

            Kunal Sharma – +919799998882

             Ashish Tolia – +919461326389

            Kanika Gupta- +919829036034

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