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IBC16’s Monthly Blog Writing Competition (No Fees; Cash Prizes): Submit by July 15, 2021

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Blog Writing Competition

IBC16’s Monthly Blog Writing Competition: Submit by July 15, 2021

About the Organization

IBC16 is a newly launched blog focused on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. It aims to be the premier Indian platform for all things IBC. 

About the Blog Writing Competition

IBC16 invites submissions from students for blog posts exclusively covering the NCLT and NCLAT judgments from the months of May & June 2021. 

For the first time, we are trying to introduce a bottom-up approach to scholarship on judicial decisions. The judgments from the higher judiciary tend to attract most of the media and scholarly attention, and for good reason. But we believe that a more rigorous examination of the NCLT and NCLAT decisions could pre-emptively highlight tricky legal areas.

  • Tackle new questions of law
  • Spot judicial trends
  • Incorporate cross-domain analysis

Section X, IBC16’s judgment search portal, has got your case law research covered – the only place online where you can find and download any NCLT/NCLAT judgment with just a click.

Who is Eligible?

Law students enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program in any law school or legal professional training school are eligible to participate in this competition.

Guidelines for Submission.

The following guidelines should be adhered to by the participants:

  1. The manuscript should be original and unpublished.
  2. Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed.
  3. The word limit of the submission is 1500-2000 words.
  4. Submission should be made in a Word document; font: Garamond, size 12 and justified.
  5. Title: bold; headings: underlined; sub-headings: italicized.
  6. All sources should be incorporated in the main body of the manuscript through hyperlinks.
  7. In case the source is not available online, the source should be cited as an endnote.
  8. The endnotes should comply with a recognized citation standard of author’s (Garamond, size 10).
  9. The manuscript should not contain the name of the author(s).
  10. IBC shall have the right to publish any of the entries received, with or without editing, if required.

Evaluation Policy

The entries will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts, they will be looking for the following parameters; the submission should:

  • Tackle new questions of law
  • Spot judicial trends
  • Incorporate cross-domain analysis

Submission Procedure

You can submit your entries here till 2359 hrs on 15 July 2021. Results will be declared by the 1, August 2021

The official announcement.

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