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Legal Conclave on, ‘Indianisation of Legal System and Education’ by Law Faculty of Delhi University: Sept 29/30!

by Ajshal
Delhi University legal conclave

About Law Faculty of Delhi University

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi is the time tested legal institution of par excellence. It offers a 3 year LL.B. course; LL.M. course and Ph.D. course. The department has been a leader in producing many legal luminaries, Supreme Court and High Court judges, leading advocates, political leaders, policy makers and trend-setters in all walks of life. The department is endowed with elitist alumni even though it is an egalitarian institute providing practically free legal education at a negligible cost. With the unparalleled expertise of faculty members, multicultural environment and its seat at the heart of the national capital, the department attracts brilliant students from all over the country and abroad. The faculty members are drawn with diversified knowledge and experience.
Professors from other Universities including foreign Universities visit on various fellowship programs and conduct research in this institution. A number of delegations from foreign universities visit the department to share their knowledge and benefit the students. The department is in the constant process of improving its infrastructure with state of the art facilities.

About Conclave

India has had a great history of fair,speedy and efficacious Justice delivery system. Our Vedic literatures and history books have mentioned about the traditional way of settling disputes. Several scholars have explained the Indian Judicial System and its functioning both in the court and in the public.

Legal Education is one of the most important pillars of our civilized society. It not only aims to educate citizenry but also advocates for the rights and causes of the deprived classes, voiceless people, and many others. Its role, therefore, cannot be over-emphasized in a robust democracy like India. Language plays a significant role in strengthening legal education as it enables us to understand a diverse range of things including the laws of the land especially in a country like ours where a huge number of people neither understand the complex language of the statute nor the processes of the judicial system. Therefore, it is important to emphasise upon the use of Indian languages in imparting legal education to promote access to justice in our country.

In India, still, large number of people who live below poverty line, are exploited and deprived of various necessities of lives. Therefore, what is required is affordable justice for a larger population so that the problems at large can be effectively dealt with. The next bigger challenge is that of the language, as the litigant, although are the interested parties before the judicial system but the whole process is alien to them as the language used in courts are foreign to them, which they cannot understand. Thereby, the access to justice also seems farfetched (although our country has made valuable progress to ensure “access to justice” but there is still a lot of ground needs to be covered) to them and therefore the time has ripe to introduce the local languages in the courts so that they don’t find themselves disconnected with the justice system. The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) since its inception in November, 1995 has been working in the field to make justice affordable,

equitable and accessible for everyone. This has been established under the authority of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to enforce the provision of Article 39A of the Constitution to promote justice by providing free legal aid to unaffordable sections of society like poor and economic weaker sections.

In the light of the above-said, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi proposes to organize a CONCLAVE on the theme of “Indianisation of Legal System and Education” in collaboration with NALSA to commemorate the centenary year of University of Delhi.

All eminent personalities of law will be present including the Law Minister, Solicitor General of India, Attorney General of India, judges of the Supreme Court, and many other dignitaries.


To participate, registration is mandatory.

If you register for the online sessions, you will receive links for the sessions through your registered email ids.
If you register for offline sessions, you must carry your identity cards for verification.

You will be eligible for the E-Certificates after successfully attending all the sessions and filling up the feedback forms which will shared at the end of each session.

Registration link for Offline Session

Click on the link to register: CLICK HERE

Registration link for Online Sessions

Click on the link to register: CLICK HERE

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