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International E-Conference on Emerging Trends in International Law by School of Business and Law, Navrachana University: Submit Abstract by 15th Jan 2022

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Navrachana University

International E-Conference on Emerging Trends in International Law by School of Business and Law, Navrachana University: Submit Abstract by 15th Jan 2022


Navrachana University is a Private University established under the Gujarat Private University Act, 2009. The University has Five schools: School of Business and Law, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Liberal Studies and Education, School of Environmental Design and Architecture and School of Science. We have around 27 programs across all the schools. The University has embarked on a new educational paradigm that lays simultaneous emphasis on disciplinary education, inter-disciplinary education, professional education and general education. 


School of Business and Law (SBL) is one the largest School at Navrachana University, Vadodara. Working in close association with the industry and academic experts, right from the curriculum development stage to student’s projects, internships, and placements, SBL offers several unique undergraduate and postgraduate level programs in the field of Management (BBA and MBA) and Law (BBA-LLB Integrated). At SBL we make students learn, assimilate, and practice the skills required to excel in today’s dynamic world. Faculties at SBL focus on basic concepts and theories of business management and law along with real-life practical cases to develop intellectual and decision-making skills among the students. In the process, the School creates the right kind of values, ethics, and attitude required for being a socially responsible citizen.  


International Law is a generic term for all the rules and principles that governs the relation of nations and other international institutions with each other. It also provides the normative framework for a world order which is based on responsible state behavior. While a major part of this responsibility entails global peace and security, international law is equally concerned with wide range of issues dealing with human rights, disarmament, international crime, refugees, migration, treatment of prisoners, the use of force, and the conduct of war, among others.

The last decade has thrown some major challenges to international law and the need for a stable and well equipped world order has never been more acute. The major issues confronting international policymakers ranges from environmental concerns to a massive humanitarian crisis, global pandemic to hostile governments, unilateral declaration of independence to the controversy on self-determination, refugee crisis to questions on nationality to name a few. Amidst this crisis, which is no less than a global catastrophe, it remains to be seen how international law copes up with the challenges.  


The present conference is an effort to provide a platform to discuss the various issues confronting international law in contemporary times. For this purpose, the conference contains a series of themes and subthemes dedicated towards understanding the various nuances of international law under different categories and contexts.  


The conference is open to Academicians, Judicial Officers, Researchers, Professionals, Practitioners, Students of law, political science and other relevant discipline, and other stakeholders on the emerging issues and related areas on the broader sub-themes. 


The themes for the seminar are as follows: – 

  1. War, Peace and Security in the Present Global Order  
  2. Humanitarian Crisis and the Role of International Law  
  3. Refugee Crisis in the 21st Century  
  4. The Global Human Rights Regime  
  5. Self-Determination, Secession and Unilateral Declaration of Independence 
  6. Environmental Concerns and International Law  
  7. Maritime Concerns and the Law of the Sea  
  8. Contemporary Issues on International Recognition   
  9. The Impact of Global Terrorism 
  10. Commercial Issues in Private International Law 

The sub-themes are indicative and not exhaustive. 


Research papers/Articles and Case Studies are invited for the presentation at the International Conference. 

Submission guidelines: 

The abstract of a research paper on any of the given theme shall be duly sent. The abstract shall not exceed 300 words. 

It should include the following: 

  1. Title of the paper 
  2. Keywords 
  3. Name of the author/s 
  4. Designation 
  5. Name of the institution 
  6. E-mail address 
  7. Contact details: 

    The abstract shall be sent to the form:  


    Full paper: 
  1. The length of full paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations, references, etc. shall not be less than 3000 words and shall not exceed 5000 words. (Excluding the footnotes). 
  2. Research paper shall be the original and unpublished work of the author. Co-authorship is permitted to maximum two authors. Each author is required to register and pay the registration fee individually. 
  3. The paper should be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1.5-line spacing.  
  4. The Footnotes shall be typed in Times New Roman 10-point font with 1-line spacing. 
  5. OSCOLA method of citation should be adopted. 
  6. The full paper should be submitted in soft copy (only after the acceptance of the abstract has been duly communicated) and shall be sent along with the registration fee screenshot on form: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT FULL PAPER 
  7. E-certificates will be provided to all the registered participants.  
  8. Selected Papers will be published in a book with ISBN Number.                                                                                                                                            


Registration fee: 

  • Academicians, Lawyers and Professionals: Rs. 750/- 
  • Students and research Scholars: Rs. 500/- 

    Click on the following link to register for the International Virtual Conference after the confirmation of your abstract from the conference committee. 


    Important Dates: 
Date of submission of abstract 15th  January 2022 
Date of confirmation of abstract 21st  January 2022
3 4 Date of full Paper submission & Registration Date of International Virtual Conference 6th February 2022 12th February 2022

For further information, please contact- 

Prayrana Singh President-Student Council School of Business and Law +91 95568758728  Tarush Bhandari Secretary- Student Council School of Business and Law +91 9354922887 

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