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Call for Papers & Call for Positions | Neith Law & Humanities Review (NLHR) : Submit Now!

by Ajshal

About Neith Law & Humanities Review (NLHR)

NLHR is an open-access, peer-reviewed collection of online blog posts covering contemporary discourse alongside a tri-annual journal including long form content that adds to and aids existing scholarship. Neith functions with the express aim of encouraging authors of all backgrounds, regardless of academic or professional level, to publish work delving into the legal sphere and the humanities (as well as the vast parley between them). Fresh voices and first-time authors pursuing their undergraduate education are welcomed, alongside scholars, graduates, and other working professionals.

Neith acknowledges that several critical fields within both law and the humanities are often left understated. In order to do our part to bridge that gap, the journal values all contributions to the realms of sociology, political science, economics, history, art, psychology, anthropology, English literature, and all the areas that link them together, especially those that the mainstream has glossed over to a relative degree even within the legal field. Examples of the same include papers and notes that attempt to analyse dimensions within Sports Law, Marine Law, International Environmental Law, etc. Individuality is encouraged, and Neith recommends that all authors attempt to place a unique spin on the work submitted for Volume 1, Issue 2 of the journal.

In order to ensure accessibility, a mere publication fee of ?500 only will be charged, only after the selection of the manuscript.


Categories of Work Published  

Research articles: 3500-8000 (excluding abstract/footnotes/references)

Short Notes: 1500-3500 (excluding abstract/footnotes/references)

Case Commentaries: 1200-3000 (excluding abstract/footnotes/references)

Reviews: 800-3000 (excluding abstract/footnotes/references)

Submission Guidelines 

All manuscripts will be subject to a double-blind, five tier peer review system. Authors must submit their personal information in a separate cover page alongside an undertaking that states that the manuscript is the author’s original work.

Manuscripts must adhere to any one of the following citation formats: 

            Harvard Bluebook, 20th/21st Edition

            MLA (Modern Language Association)

            Chicago Manual of Style

Co-authorship is permitted, with a maximum limit of 2 authors for a given manuscript. 

The manuscript must be in English and consist of a title and an abstract, with a maximum word count of 300 words. 

Submissions must be made in Times New Roman, size 12 font. 1.5 line spacing, justified text, and 1-inch margins on all sides. 

Footnotes must be in Times New Roman, size 10 font with 1.0 line spacing. Endnotes are permitted. 

Work submitted must not have been previously published or under review at any other place of publication while under review with Neith. 

Manuscripts submitted must have a maximum plagiarism report of 15%. If the plagiarism report is between 15-30%, the manuscript will be returned to the author with a request to revise their submission after which approval will be at the discretion of the Editorial Board. If the plagiarism report exceeds 30%, the manuscript will be rejected.  

All work published in Neith Law and Humanities Review attains copyright under the Creative Commons Attribution License, meaning that authors retain the copyright to their work as long as the original work is cited correctly in all other places of distribution, with Neith Law and Humanities Review cited as the original publisher of said work. 

All published authors will receive a Certificate of Publication and a detailed feedback note regarding the work they submitted.

No more than 20 articles will be published in this issue.

By and large, we are interested in an eclectic set of articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects, some of which interweaves themes from a multitude of topics and articles received have far exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and quantity. 

All submissions for the review must be made by 30th April 2022 through the attached Google form link: CLICK HERE

Call for Positions:

At this juncture, in order to ensure the quality of the review and appropriately manage the volume of work, we are also inviting applications for these positions-

  1. Assistant Researchers
  2. Assistant Executive Managers
  3. Assistant Public Outreach Managers 

Duties of each post have been listed below:

Duties of a Research Editor:

  • To regularly identify contemporary issues for blogs. 
  • To write blog on the topics approved by the board, at least bimonthly.
  • To aid the board in any research activities being carried out.
  • To aid the Editorial board whenever required.
  • To work under the supervision of Head of Research Board.

Duties of Assistant Executive Managers:

  • To assist in recruitment of staff, volunteers, and interns.
  • Maintenance of staff, volunteers, and interns.
  • Managerial and Advertising related content creation using software like Wix and Canva.
  • IT department, website & Software management.
  • To provide and design certificates for blogs and paper publications.
  • To assist in coordination of the different boards.
  • To submit at the end of year a report of the work accomplished annually.
  • Legal Oversight.
  • To work under the supervision of Head of Managing Board.

Duties of Assistant Public Outreach Managers: 

  • To assist in framing the depositories for different purposes.
  • To collaborate with different institutions, NGOs for better reach.
  • To aid for maximising the efficiency of web-traffic generation for each communication. 
  • To handle Social Media handles of the Review and come with ways to publicise the review.
  • To work under the supervision of Heads of Public Outreach Board.
  • To submit at the end of the year a report of the work accomplished annually.

Application Process

Interested applicants must fill the attached Google form: CLICK HERE . Our team will intimate applicants based on their CV after which an Interview round will be held for the final assessment. In case of the research board, a written sample will also be included in decision making along with the CV.

This would prove to be a remarkable opportunity for students and professionals across the fields of law & humanities to gain exposure and glean insights into the intricacies and nuances of this field. Further, it would prove to be a great learning opportunity and help you get a better understanding of the legal academia and to expand your connections.

We look forward to receiving your application and submission, which would indeed contribute in the expansion of the academic hemisphere of Law and Humanities.

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